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Rocker switches for harsh conditions
18 April 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

APEM’s K range, known for its robustness, is now complemented with a new model named KH. Designed for harsh environments, KH series rocker switches are protected against accidental actuation with a protection ...
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Thumbstick gets threaded plastic housing and new handles
21 March 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

APEM’s TS series thumbstick is now available with a threaded plastic D-flat housing, making for simplified drop-in panel installation. The TS series is a miniature joystick featuring contactless Hall ...
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DIN rail power supplies
21 March 2018, Power Electronics / Power Management

The REDIN/3AC is a series of rugged DIN rail power supplies from RECOM, for two- or three-phase mains operation from 320 to 575 V a.c. without the need of a neutral connection. Four versions with a ...
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2 Watt DC-DC converters
21 February 2018, Power Electronics / Power Management

The new 2 W RTC2 series modules from Recom come in a six-pin SMD open-frame package with a footprint of less than 2,13 cm². The 2:1 inputs’ voltage ranges of 4,5 to 9 V d.c. or 18 to 36 V d.c. can handle ...
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PCB mounting tact switches
15 November 2017, Switches, Relays & Keypads

The PHAP5 Series is the latest addition to APEM’s PCB mounted tact switch range, with four different sizes to choose from.    The PHAP5 Series is a single pole, normally open, PCB through-hole or SMT ...
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PCB mounting AC-DC converters
13 September 2017, Power Electronics / Power Management

The RAC03-GA and RAC04-GB series from Recom are low cost, PCB mounting AC-DC power supplies for industrial applications. Supplying 3 W and 4 W respectively, the parts feature a universal AC input voltage ...
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Stainless steel keypads
16 August 2017, Interconnection

Apem’s new PR series stainless steel keypads offer a compact and economical solution in control panel applications, with a frameless selection and easy installation. Available with 1, 4, 12 or 16 round ...
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Boost converter for single cell batteries
16 August 2017, Power Electronics / Power Management

The R-78S from Recom is a boost converter designed to run from single cell batteries. The input voltage range of 0,65 to 3,15 V means that alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, zinc-carbon or lithium chemistry cells ...
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Rocker switches
19 July 2017, Switches, Relays & Keypads

MEC Switches is launching Rockermec, a new PCB based rocker switch solution. The system consists of two Multimec 5E switches, a sealing that also provides functionality and a new rocker cap called 10A. ...
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Customisable keypad
14 June 2017, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Designed for aesthetics and functionality, the KP6 customisable keypad from Apem with standard connection complements the CANbus version launched a few months ago. The keypad features a snap-in housing ...
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1 & 2 W AC-DC converters
14 June 2017, Power Electronics / Power Management

Intelligently networked smart homes and smart offices require mesh control systems with many low power nodes, actuators and sensors that are ‘always on’. To meet these emerging demands, Recom is complementing ...
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Low-power DDR2 memory chips
17 May 2017, DSP, Micros & Memory

Alliance Memory introduced a new line of high-speed CMOS mobile low-power DDR2 (LPDDR2) SDRAMs with densities of 1 Gb, 2 Gb and 4 Gb in a 134-ball FBGA package. The devices offer a variety of power-saving ...
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