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Sensors for vibration analysis
27 June 2012, Test & Measurement

Monitran has launched six new ranges of general-purpose industrial sensors for vibration analysis. High accuracy, quick recovery from shock loading, and high immunity from electrical noise make these new sensors suitable for a variety of applications within several industrial sectors. The units are supplied as top- or side-entry and with integral cables and connectors. Submersible and intrinsically safe versions are also available.

Devices in the new 2200 range are ideal for vibration analysis. As standard, they operate between ±80 G, have a rapid response to shock loading and can withstand forces in excess of 10 000 G. The sensors have isolated AC outputs with sensitivities of 100 V/G, with alternate sensitivities available on request. In addition, they offer good bias voltage stability with typical drift no more than 3 mV/° with a bias voltage of 11,6 V.

A second new range, the 2300 series, comprises dual output devices. Here, sensors replicate AC output for vibration analysis of the 2200 range, but also have an output proportional to temperature (at 10 mV/°C, a de facto standard sensitivity for many data-loggers).

For monitoring velocity, Monitran’s third new range, the 2285 series, features devices with DC outputs (4–20 mA) proportional to RMS velocity, with outputs proportional to peak velocity available on request. These are ideal for providing machine/plant protection by allowing monitored velocity (i.e. speed of vibration) levels to be included within a condition-based predictive maintenance strategy. The maximum sensitivity is typically 0 to 100 mm/s. By incorporating full internal screening within the 2285 range, potential earth loop problems are eliminated and installation is simplified.

The fourth range of sensors is the Monitran 2287 series, offering the same features as the 2285 series but with the DC output proportional to acceleration as opposed to velocity. RMS is standard but with peak as an option. The fifth and sixth ranges, series 2385 and 2387, add secondary outputs for temperature (10 mV/°C) to the 2285 and 2287 ranges.

Supplied By: Instrotech
Tel: +27 10 595 1831
Fax: +27 11 462 1958

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