2024 ▾

31 May 2024: Feature Articles

  • Building blocks for IIoT edge nodes
  • Introducing SYNPlicity: The IoT development platform redefining connectivity
  • The value of dynamic spectrum in South Africa
  • Using linear regulators as a filter

30 April 2024: Feature Articles

  • Analysis of switch-mode power supply: inductor violations
  • Bridging the gap between MCUs and MPUs
  • Accelerating the commercialisation of the 5G IoT markets
  • The ‘magic’ of photovoltaic cells
  • Hardware architectural options for artificial intelligence systems
  • Demystifying quantum

28 March 2024: Feature Articles

  • Make your small asset tracker last longer
  • Service excellence with attention to detail
  • What is an RF connector?

29 February 2024: Feature Articles

  • The power of Matter
  • Transmitting power to remote places

EMP 2024 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook : Feature Articles

  • AI is revolutionising electronics manufacturing
  • Designing and manufacturing robust enclosures for extreme environments
  • Reducing solder paste spatter during reflow

2023 ▾

22 November 2023: Feature Articles

  • Products of the year 2023
  • Save space and improve efficiency with a 4-switch buck-boost controller
  • The dream of Edge AI
  • Matter 1.2 adds new capabilities

25 October 2023: Feature Articles

  • Advanced graphite embedding capability for PCB thermal management
  • FPGAs speed up intelligent edge designs
  • Quantum leap in battery technology
  • Simplify your USB-C PD design using a standalone controller
  • Dead-reckoning GNSS module
  • Raspberry Pi 5 announced

27 September 2023: Feature Articles

  • Analogue compute platform to accelerate Edge AI
  • IoT made easy
  • The importance of interference hunting in 5G network deployment and operation
  • Using a voltage converter to improve battery efficiency

30 August 2023: Feature Articles

  • Empowering women in the SA tech sector
  • How to multiplex a 1-Wire host into multiple channels
  • IEEE 802.11be: What’s the fuss?
  • Precise non-invasive monitoring of vital signs
  • The switch to 400G Ethernet
  • Tracing the development of geolocation
  • Women in engineering: growth through influence

26 July 2023: Feature Articles

  • Case study: material handling system
  • Microtronix: 30 years of excellence
  • Mobile devices in hazardous areas
  • Portable GPU for AI applications

28 June 2023: Feature Articles

  • Hammond announces new flame-retardant ABS 1556 family
  • LIDAR filters
  • Why using PassThru technology can help extend an energy storage system’s life
  • The smart future of field strength measurement

31 May 2023: Feature Articles

  • Avnet Abacus wins top distributor award
  • Company Profile: Inteto Connect
  • What is ML? – Part 3: Hardware conversion of convolutional neural networks
  • Altron Arrow celebrates 25 years
  • 25 years of excellence through innovation

26 April 2023: Feature Articles

  • Energy storage 2023: Current state and trends for the future
  • What is ML? – Part 2: Training convolutional neural networks
  • Wi-Fi module to address indoor and outdoor IoT applications
  • New connector system improves power integrity
  • GNSS with integrated LNAs and antennas
  • More miles, fewer wires in future electric vehicles

29 March 2023: Feature Articles

  • How does a Qvar sensor work?
  • Ultra-compact, low-power, NB-IoT module with GNSS capability
  • Prolonging the life of solder tips
  • Introduction to convolutional neural networks: Part 1
  • Expanded lineup of Jetson Orin AIOs
  • Containers: the edge compute strategy of the future

28 February 2023: Feature Articles

  • 2023 is the year of making it easy in IoT
  • A guide to battery fast charging
  • SA businesses need to encourage women in tech
  • The cybersecurity skills gap needs time and investment to address
  • The OMRON network safety advantage
  • New solar panel plant to provide power to the community
  • Steps to commissioning a solar power system for maximum performance
  • Measuring over-the-air uplink interference

EMP 2023 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • Is it ‘back to normal’ or should we continue with digital resilience?
  • What to look for when choosing a soldering station
  • The advantages of using a micro nozzle
  • Complete engineering solution for PCB assembly and test