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LoRa module for numerous use case
The RAK4270 LoRa module from RAKwireless includes an STM32L071 microcontroller and an SX1262 LoRa chip, which supports eight spreading factors (SF5 - SF12) and signal bandwidth that can be adjusted between ...


Ultra-low-power GNSS platform
u-blox has announced the u-blox M10, its latest highly integrated GNSS (global navigation satellite system) platform for ultra-low-power, high-performance positioning applications such as sport watches ...


Li-MnO2 and Li-ion batteries
COROS Battery, which is located in Korea, has launched new 3,6 V Li-SOCl2 (lithium thionyl chloride) and 3,0 V Li-MnO2 (lithium manganese) batteries. The company’s key members have extensive experience ...


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Products of the Year 2020
Editor's Choice, News

A selection of some of the best products to hit the South African electronic engineering market this year.
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Personality profile: Dereck Styane
Phoenix Contact, Editor's Choice, News

“We do try and develop people and promote them from within the company, so I savour people’s personal growth that I’ve overseen.”
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Otto scoops Gemalto distribution partnership
Otto Wireless Solutions, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Otto Wireless Solutions has added Gemalto’s range of terminals and gateways to its product offering, effectively bridging existing gaps in Otto Wireless Solutions’ product portfolio to ensure that more ...
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What is device management and why should you care?
Trinity IoT, Editor's Choice, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

When device management is implemented alongside a centralised interface, companies can update firmware or software, without the need to manually perform each update in the field.
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FPGAs for embedded vision and edge AI
Future Electronics, Programmable Logic

Lattice Semiconductor announced the first FPGA developed on its new Lattice Nexus FPGA platform, the CrossLink-NX. This new FPGA provides the low power, small form factor, reliability, and performance ...
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From the editor's desk: Where monsters, viruses and technology meet
Technews Publishing, News

I clearly remember the moment it really sank in that the world as we know it has become almost unrecognisable from a year ago. It would be hard not to remember really, because it happened only two days ...
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Production Logix appoints new business development manager
Production Logix, News

KwaZulu-Natal based electronics contract manufacturer, Production Logix, is broadening its scope and sharpening its focus as it expands its footprint across South Africa and into southern Africa. As part ...
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Battery manufacturer enters South African market
Power Electronics / Power Management

Energon, a leading battery manufacturer based in Russia, has expanded its global presence to include new subsidiaries in Turkey (as the centre of a new cluster for eastern Europe, the Middle East and ...
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Nordic supports development of Amazon Sidewalk devices
RF Design, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Nordic Semiconductor is cooperating with Amazon to develop Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) solutions for Amazon Sidewalk. Amazon Sidewalk is a neighbourhood network designed to help customer devices ...
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The difference between RF limiters and attenuators
RF Design, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Both RF limiters and attenuators reduce the power of an RF signal. However, they do so in different ways that are key to understanding their use. These components are often used to protect sensitive RF ...
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Locally designed gang battery charger
Seven Labs Technology, Power Electronics / Power Management

Made by Seven Labs Technology, the JuiceBar has 10 individually configurable chargers, each of which can be configured to charge the battery with a charge current of up to 2 A. What really makes the JuiceBar ...
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Regenerative power system integrating two instruments
Conical Technologies, Power Electronics / Power Management

The IT-M3600 regenerative power system from ITECH integrates two instruments in one, those being a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load. When used as a load, its energy recovery ...
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New precision RF products from Samtec
Spectrum Concepts, Interconnection

In the build-up to this year’s IMS Microwave Week in June, Samtec’s Danny Boesing shared some of the new and upcoming products from the company’s stable of precision RF and millimetre-wave products. (Note: ...
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High-reliability power connectors
Hiconnex, Interconnection

Nicomatic’s AMM series of 1,0 millimetre pitch connectors is designed for demanding space-constrained applications in harsh environments such as military, aerospace, and industrial equipment. The connectors ...
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Antenova adds high-performer to its 5G antennas
iCorp Technologies, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Antenova has added a high-performing 5G SMD design to its array of 5G antennas. The brand new Lepida SR4L054 is a wideband antenna in surface-mount form, designed to achieve high efficiency and performance ...
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China launches 6G test satellite
Multimedia, Videos

No sooner has 5G cellular technology started to be rolled out, than China has launched what has been described as “the world’s first 6G satellite” into space to test the technology. With the telecoms ...
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GNSS module with dead reckoning and RTK
iCorp Technologies, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Featuring a concurrent multi-constellation GNSS receiver on dual GNSS bands with an integrated 6-axis sensor, fusion with RTK (real-time kinematics) and dead-reckoning algorithms, Quectel’s LC29D can ...
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3-axis accelerometers with selectable ranges
Altron Arrow, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

The analog output ADXL354 and the digital output ADXL355 are low noise density, low 0 G offset drift, low power, 3-axis accelerometers with selectable measurement ranges. The ADXL354B supports the ±2 G ...
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