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Bluetooth wearable tags for social distancing
Nordic Semiconductor has announced that DigitalAlerts, an Eindhoven, Netherlands-based designer and manufacturer of smart digital warning systems, has selected Nordic’s nRF51822 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth ...


Cosel expands microprocessor controlled power supplies offering
Cosel has announced the addition of a 3000 W AC/DC enclosed power supply for industrial and demanding semiconductors applications. Designed with advanced built-in digital microprocessor technology, the ...


Quectel unveils SA800U-WF premium smart module to enable computing and multimedia applications on Android OS devices
Quectel Wireless solutions has launched its SA800U-WF premium smart module which features a built-in Android 9.0 or 10.0 operating system (OS). The new module features a high performance, low power 64-bit ...


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Supercapacitors usurping batteries, says IDTechEx
Passive Components

A new IDTechEx report shows that supercapacitors have started to replace 10% of lithium-ion batteries and also help to kill lead-acid.
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BC200 Boxed Rugged Industrial Configurable PC
Rugged Interconnect Technologies, Computer/Embedded Technology

• Based on proven 3U CompactPCI.Serial technologies • The system is user configurable for unlimited solutions supporting: • 4HP/8HP Processor boards configured with I/O side cards • 4HP/8HP Peripheral ...
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New GaN-on-SiC power amplifiers
RFiber Solutions, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

MACOM Technology Solutions, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, recently announced at the virtual International Microwave Symposium the introduction of its new gallium nitride on silicon carbide ...
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Connectors for automotive applications
RS Components (SA), Interconnection

RS Components has launched the A Series of high-specification automotive connectors from Amphenol, one of the world’s leading makers of interconnection devices suitable for a huge diversity of markets ...
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Promoting women in the smart meter sector

Trade careers have traditionally been more male dominated, but they are also a fantastic opportunity for women and this should be a focus of the smart meter market.
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Energy harvesting for wireless sensor nodes
Altron Arrow, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The concept of energy harvesting has been around for over a decade; however, the implementation in real-world environments has been cumbersome, complex, and costly.
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Clearing the Static
Actum Electronics, News

Ionisation and static control Electronic products normally consist of conductors and insulators. Within the ESD-protected workstation, insulators can be found on products such as PCBs, onthe tools being ...
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Like Star Wars, Samtec moves on a journey
Spectrum Concepts, Interconnection

The journey never ends ... or maybe it does – maybe?!?! That thought definitely applies to Star Wars fans. Why? 21 February 2020 marked the launch date of Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated ...
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ODB++Process introduction webinar

ODB++Process is the third and final pillar of the ODB++ data exchange format, aimed at boosting the agility and flexibility of electronics manufacturers. Learn how ODB++Process simplifies the transfer ...
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Resources for home and building automation
TRX Electronics, News

Mouser Electronics is expanding its comprehensive range of building automation solutions from Silicon Labs, TE Connectivity (TE), and Littelfuse for the rapidly growing smart home and building automation ...
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Bluetooth 5.2 SoC for small two-layer PCBs
RF Design, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The nRF52805 from Nordic Semiconductor is a Bluetooth 5.2 System-on-Chip (SoC) which is designed for small two-layer PCB designs. This SoC has been developed for cost-constrained applications and is an ...
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IP67 USB Type C connectors
IPD Electronics, Interconnection

PEI-Genesis supplies composite USB type C 3.1 connectors and cable assemblies from Sure-Seal. These connectors are a reliable and cost-effective option that offer a robust connection. Sure-Seal USB type ...
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Antimicrobial medical cable assemblies
Hiconnex, Interconnection

Particularly aware of the contamination risks of a nosocomial infection, Axon Cable has incorporated the technology of silver ion micro-flux into interconnect solutions to develop Nosofree, an innovative ...
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Terminal assemblies and pins
Vepac Electronics, Interconnection

Vero Technologies offers a highly diverse range of terminal assemblies and pins, but why the need for so many variants? All of the pins and assemblies share something in common: they fulfil both a mechanical ...
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Range of GSM boosters
Otto Wireless, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Imagine you purchase a fast car, and as you turn onto the highway, you find you need to enter it through a narrow gate, which leads to a sand track for you to drive on, alongside the highway. This is ...
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Navigating EMI challenges in next-generation railway technology
Actum Group, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

The advent of new-age connectivity, such as 5G networks and LTE, has enabled railway systems to process higher volumes of data digitally, which has significantly improved operational safety, efficiency ...
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Deep diving thanks to Souriau connectors
Hiconnex, Interconnection

Commercial diving is a critical profession for many industries, including construction, energy, maintenance and scientific research. It is a job that comes with many risks, so it is imperative that divers ...
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Lead-free innovation for FPGA manufacture
Test & Rework Solutions, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

TopLine, represented locally by Test & Rework Solutions, announced that Martin Hart, CEO of TopLine and inventor, has filed for a US patent for a lead-free solder column used in the manufacture of field ...
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