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Microtronix promises the personal touch
In times like this, surrounded by mostly bad news, we hoped the front cover of Dataweek this month would make you smile and you will appreciate some light hearted humour in these dark days of our struggling ...


Otto Wireless reveals RAD new product line
As a world leader in the telecommunications field with over 39 years of innovation, a significant worldwide presence in over 150 countries and an installed base of more than 16 million network elements, ...


Multi-sensor IoT module
TDK announced worldwide availability of the InvenSense SmartBug, a compact, wireless multi-sensor solution designed for a plethora of commercial and consumer IoT applications. The out-of-the-box solution ...


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Personality profile: Jean Mearns
WH Circuit, News

“No one works for me, they only work with me, for without each other our team will fail to exceed the expectations of our customers.”
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IPC updates PCB acceptability standard
Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

IPC has released IPC-A-600K, ‘Acceptability of Printed Boards’, the definitive illustrated guide to printed circuit board acceptability. This companion document to IPC-6012, ‘Qualification and Performance ...
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Weller’s offering protects people and electronic circuits
Allan McKinnon & Associates, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The product offering from Weller is able to ensure safety for not only electronic circuits during soldering, but also safety for the people performing the work. It has a range of fume extraction solutions ...
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A social distancing solution for workplaces
Altron Arrow, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

As South Africa gradually eases lockdown to resuscitate the economy after a hard lockdown that lasted for more than 10 weeks, there is a need to facilitate people returning to work safely. Apart from ...
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Avnet EMEA names two new leaders to SA operation

Avnet has named Steve Stafford and Brandon Kuhn as new leaders in South Africa following the completion of a reorganisation in the region.
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Unsurprisingly, most electronics industry events around the world have either been postponed, cancelled outright, or changed to a virtual model due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Given the continued ...
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Cypress ships one billionth USB-C device
Altron Arrow, News

Cypress, an Infineon Technologies company, announced that in less than five years, the company has achieved a landmark milestone by shipping its one billionth USB-C device. As the leading provider of ...
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Diodes for RF/microwave applications
Hi-Q Electronics, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Skyworks’ broad portfolio of PIN, limiter, Schottky, and varactor diodes are ideal for WLAN, infrastructure, handset, Satcom (LNB/DBS-CATV), automotive, aerospace and defence, test and measurement, metering, ...
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High-density multicoax cable assemblies
RFiber Solutions, Interconnection

Withwave’s high-speed and high-density multicoax cable assemblies (WMX Series) provide a wide range of multiple coax connectors and flexible cable assemblies with a choice of 20, 40, 50 and 67 GHz configurations ...
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Versatile micro switches
TRX Electronics, Switches, Relays & Keypads

The V19, Honeywell’s unsealed micro switch family, provides a cost-conscious switch solution to assist in hitting overall system-level cost and design goals in high-volume applications. Suitable applications ...
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MCUs for precision sensing and measurement
RS Components (SA), DSP, Micros & Memory

A new series of single-chip devices from Renesas, the RX23E-A microcontrollers (MCUs), combine an analog front end (AFE) and an MCU core for use in equipment that delivers high-precision measurements ...
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DDZ embarks on new venture
DDZ Technologies, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Within the three years that DDZ Technologies made its move to its then new premises, it has outgrown them once again, and made the call to move to a new 1300 square metre building, more than double the ...
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Modular component placement platform
Techmet , Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Panasonic’s NPM (Next Production Modular) business line has released the NPM-D3A component placement machine, featuring speeds of up to 46 000 components per hour (cph). It boasts placement accuracy of ...
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Smart manufacturing for electronics
ASIC Design Services, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

This article describes a product development strategy designed for manufacturers of electronics for consumer and industrial products, home appliances, manufacturing services, automotive and transportation, ...
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Configured computing systems and individual elements
Vepac Electronics, Computer/Embedded Technology

Verotec has a selection of configured systems plus individual elements such as backplanes, power supplies and cooling products, which are compliant with the PICMG/VITA specifications, and supported by ...
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Pentek accelerates real-time recording
Rugged Interconnect Technologies, Computer/Embedded Technology

Pentek has introduced a new addition to the Talon series of recorders, the Model RTR 2757 4U 19-inch rackmount recorder. This new recorder complements Pentek’s Quartz RFSoC products that stream digitised ...
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Multimedia: Make your own LED face mask
Multimedia, Videos

Face masks have become a huge market in the COVID-19 era, and I’m sure we’ve all seen some pretty creative and funky designs over the last few months. But if you want one with real bling, a light-up face ...
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CeraCharge now available in a small packing unit
Electrocomp, Passive Components

TDK is presenting a new packing unit for CeraCharge, the world’s first SMD technology solid-state rechargeable battery, in the compact size EIA 1812 (4,4 x 3,0 x 1,1 mm). The packing unit (B73180A0101M199) ...
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