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Arrow Electronics' Tech Snacks put engineers’ time first
Altron Arrow, News

Arrow Electronics is launching a new learning concept, Tech Snacks, that will provide engineers with the technical information and insight they need in a choice of formats that have been designed to match ...
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New advances in China’s homegrown chip technology

According to a report, China's semiconductor industry is speeding up its development of advanced chips as the homegrown 28 nm process is set to enter mass production this year, while the ...
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Clearing the Static: Basic principles of static control
Actum Group, Circuit & System Protection

Controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the electronics manufacturing environment is a large task that has to be done correctly and safely. There are six basic principles of designing and implementing ...
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Webinar: ECAD MCAD capabilities for today’s most demanding designs

Working between the electronic and mechanical design domains brings unique challenges.ECAD and MCAD tools have different design objectives and have evolved down different paths and so has the way they ...
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Will AI embed itself into the Mil/Aero market in 2021?
Spectrum Concepts, Interconnection

Embedded systems and artificial intelligence (AI) seem to be the leading trends in the Mil/Aero market. Samtec’s industry manager, Chuck Gratz, agrees with articles written in COTS Journal, Military & ...
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Versatile D-Sub connector solutions
IPD Electronics, Interconnection

D-Subminiature connectors, also known as D-Subs, are important to a broad range of markets and applications, including commercial, industrial, defence, aerospace and high-performance computer technology. ...
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MLCCs rated for automotive environments
TRX Electronics, Passive Components

Syfer/Knowles AEC-Q200 qualified FlexiCap MLCCs (multi-layer chip capacitors) are suitable for harsh automotive environments. These FlexiCap components range up to 1 kV voltage rating for the requirements ...
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Challenges for electronic circuits in space applications
Altron Arrow, Electronics Technology

Outside the protective cover of the Earth’s atmosphere, the natural space radiation environment can damage electronic devices and the effects range from a degradation in parametric performance to a complete functional failure.
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Machine learning core repository on GitHub
Computer/Embedded Technology

Artificial intelligence is notoriously difficult because it relies on data science. Additionally, creating the right algorithm, such as a decision tree, and setting it up, can also be tricky. Unfortunately, ...
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Low-current SMD LEDs
TRX Electronics, Opto-Electronics

Kingbright offers a selection of SMD LEDs designed to meet the specifications of many applications. They are most commonly used for portable devices, company consumer electronics, industrial handheld ...
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Common-mode choke for automotive CAN-FD
Electrocomp, Passive Components

TDK unveiled its new ACT1210D Series common-mode choke for automotive CAN-FD, which began mass production in April 2021. Automotive LANs (local area networks) are roughly categorised into four systems: ...
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Synchronous regulators simplify high-efficiency power conversion
Future Electronics, Power Electronics / Power Management

STMicroelectronics has introduced L6981 synchronous step-down regulators, extending the family of high-efficiency converters that simplify power supply design by integrating power elements, feedback circuitry ...
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12,5 W wideband GaN HEMT
RFiber Solutions, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The NPT2018 GaN HEMT (gallium nitride high-electron-mobility transistor) is a wideband transistor optimised for DC to 3,5 GHz operation. This device supports CW, pulsed and linear operation with output ...
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A case study on implementing smart traffic management
Trinity IoT, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, News

Syntell is a leading South African technology company. One of its key projects is the running and management of one third of Johannesburg’s traffic lights. Syntell’s system is a full traffic management ...
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RF test probes for the 5G revolution
Electronic Industry Supplies, Test & Measurement

5G, the fifth-generation mobile communications standard, will shape the third decade of the 21st century: a higher degree of networking is emerging, connecting different aspects of life and enabling new ...
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Secure LTE-M, NB-IoT module with 400 MHz support
RF Design, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

u-blox has extended its SARA-R5 LTE-M and NB-IoT communications family with the introduction of a module that supports the 400-450 MHz LTE spectrum bands available in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  ...
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ESD protection devices for high-speed automotive interfaces
EBV Electrolink, Circuit & System Protection

Nexperia has announced a new range of ESD protection devices aimed specifically at protecting the ever-increasing number of high-speed interfaces found in automotive applications, especially the in-vehicle ...
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PV connectors and string fuses
Phoenix Contact, Interconnection

New connectors as well as cable-based string fuses extend the Sunclix product series for photovoltaic (PV) systems from Phoenix Contact. The device connectors are particularly suitable for cabling inverters ...
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