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Clearing the Static: The significance of cleaning in ESD control
22 November 2023, Actum Group
It is essential that ESD-protected workplace areas and equipment (tables, floors, work mats, trays, tools, machine elements) are cleaned with specialised antistatic cleaners.

Clearing the Static: ESD protective packaging
25 October 2023, Actum Group
The primary objective of ESD protective packaging is to prevent ESD incidents within the packaging and facilitate the dissipation of charges from the outer surface.

New NeoMesh protocol stack version
27 September 2023, CST Electronics
NeoCortec has released an updated NeoMesh protocol stack version 1.6 firmware for its NC2400 and NC1000 module series, which now supports the new Sensirion SHT4xA temperature and humidity sensor series.

NewFeed feeder protection relay
27 September 2023, NewElec Pretoria
The NewFeed Feeder Protection Relay has been designed to protect the connection between solar farms and conventional power grids in both low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) distribution settings.

Clearing the Static: Fundamental principles of static control
27 September 2023, Actum Group
The use of grounding products and testing equipment becomes essential to verify the proper functionality of static control systems in the work environment.

Clearing the Static
30 August 2023, Actum Electronics
The use of grounding products and testing equipment becomes essential to verify the proper functionality of static control systems in the work environment.

Mobile devices in hazardous areas
26 July 2023, Extech Safety Systems, Editor's Choice
Five areas where the requirements of IS are important and substantial to avoid ignition via mobile devices have been selected, with all references to SANS 60079-11:2012.

Next-gen HVC series
26 July 2023, Future Electronics
TDK has announced its new generation of high-voltage contactors that can safely and reliably switch off continuous DC currents up to 500 A, and operating DC voltages up to 1000 V in lithium-ion batteries in 20 ms or less.

Clearing the Static: Effectively control your workplace ESD protected area
26 July 2023, Actum Group
Controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the workplace is crucial to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage, and implementing an ESD control programme involves various measures and tests.

Clearing the Static: ESD flooring and installation
28 June 2023, Actum Group
An important factor when choosing a floor covering, is the resistance to earth, which indicates how strongly the material will resist the flow of electricity through it (measured in ohms).

Clearing the Static: ESD safe containers – protection against electrical discharge
31 May 2023, Actum Group
pecialised industries require precise conductivity specifications on containers, component holders, and pallet conductivity, to prevent the destruction of electronic components by electrostatic discharge (ESD).

High-current PTVS diode in through-hole package
31 May 2023, Electrocomp
The Bourns model PTVS20-015C-TH PTVS diode features a through-hole package and is capable of handling 20 kA current surge at a low voltage of 15 V.

LA Series motor protection relay
26 April 2023, NewElec Pretoria
Newelec’s LA Series relay is designed to be user friendly, with only one setting, and includes an integrated current transformer that allows conductor cables carrying up to 250 A to run through it.

ESD control plan evaluation
26 April 2023, MyKay Tronics
Desco has provided an online survey to help companies evaluate its ESD control plan to the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20, where a confidential written report will be provided.

Clearing the Static: Conductive foot, heel, and shoe grounders
26 April 2023, Actum Group
Conductive foot, heel and shoe grounders are used in electrostatic discharge protected areas to provide a path to ground for static electricity, which prevents damage to sensitive electronic components.

Clearing the Static: ESD training in the workplace
29 March 2023, Actum Group
An electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden transfer of static charge between bodies at different charge potentials caused by near contact, which can potentially damage or destroy electronic systems.

320 series motor protection relay
28 February 2023, NewElec Pretoria
With its easy-to-use operation, the 320 series motor protection relay from NewElec is particularly suited for operation in remote or rural sites.

Motor protection and control with dual port Ethernet
28 February 2023, NewElec Pretoria
The NewCode dual Ethernet relay from NewElec is a three-phase induction motor protection relay with advanced control logic features and multiple motor starter control circuit configurations.

The OMRON network safety advantage
28 February 2023, Omron Electronics, Editor's Choice
When designing a safety solution for a machine or application, a fundamental consideration is whether to implement it as a standalone or network safety solution.

Clearing the Static: Ionisation equipment
28 February 2023, Actum Group
Ionisers ensure that static charges are eliminated by neutralising static charge generated during the manufacturing process or during transport to final test and assembly.


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