About Dataweek

About Dataweek

South Africa's leading electronics & communications publication.

Published in print, online and supported by twice-weekly electronic news briefs.

Print publications - 10 monthly issues

Dataweek provides insights into the latest electronics and communications trends in areas such as:

Dataweek Magazine

10 monthly publications

  • Analog, mixed signal, LSI
  • Circuit & system protection
  • Computer/embedded technology
  • Design automation
  • Electrical
  • Electronics technology
  • Enclosures, racks, cabinets & panel products
  • Industrial electronics
  • Interconnection
  • Optoelectronics
  • Passive components
  • Power electronics / management
  • Production technology / manufacturing
  • Programmable logic
  • Switches & relays
  • Telecoms, datacoms, wireless
  • Test & measurement
  • And more...

In addition we also publish a handbook and a buyers' guide:

EMP: Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook
EMP: Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook

  • Showcasing the country's leading contract and original equipment manufacturers, distributors of production equipment and consumables, and providers of related services.

EBG Cover
EBG - The Electronics Buyers' Guide

  • Comprehensive listing of suppliers, manufacturers, vendors and service providers.
  • Comprehensive listing of manufacturers and brand names, and the South African suppliers thereof.
  • Products and services tables covering the full spectrum of the electronics and communications technology sectors.

Digital content

All print issue and handbook content is available via www.dataweek.co.za in HTML, PDF, e-Book as well as mobile-friendly formats.

You can choose to have a selection of relevant articles delivered directly to your email inbox twice a week.

The online EBG site at www.ebg.co.za provides all the information of the Electronics Buyers' Guide in a convenient, searchable web portal.