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Multi-function weighing transmitter
6 March 2013, Test & Measurement

Instrotech has announced the launch of its latest multi-function weighing transmitter – the model 6004MF version II. It is a powerful, compact, field-mounted unit that can be selected for a variety of weighing functions.

Specifically designed for servicing organisations, weighing equipment manufacturing companies and individual users, the 6004MF is a single electronic unit that can be used for almost any application in the weighing industry. It finds application in the areas of load cell transmitting, belt weighing, loss-in-weight transmitter, throughput weighing, bag filling, batch weighing and a dynamo meter.

A multi-function unit allows the user to keep one spare that can replace any of the above-mentioned functions in the field. This also reduces the stock holding requirements for manufacturers, integrators and factories.

The 6004MF is housed in a rugged, powder-coated, cast aluminium housing with a splashproof keypad. It features a clear 20 mm 6-digit LED main display and auxiliary information LCD display, with user-programmable function keys, digital inputs and relay outputs.

The unit uses an ARM microprocessor with integral clock and USB I/O port. Programming, setup and calibration are via the keypad and backlit LCD. The 6004MF features pre-calibration of sensitivity and range, zero trim and deadweight span trim, as well as a 15-point lineariser, min-max hold, auto-zero maintenance and preset tare.

The instrument features PI control with auto-manual setpoints, bumpless transfer and anti-reset wind-up. There is an SD card bootloader for remote Internet firmware updates and program specials. The device allows for various inputs, including load cell, incremental encoder and six digital. It also features a standard isolated analog output of 1–5/0–10 V or 0/4–20 mA.

Options for the 6004MF include programmable 2,4 or 6 plug-and-play, electromechanical or photoMOS output relays; serial ASCII outputs on RS232 or RS485; plug-and-play option cards; and an SD memory card for data-logging.

Version II of the weighing transmitter has an improved and simplified user menu interface and operation service manual, as well as much improved EMI immunity. Design technicians have also improved on the standard SD card functionality for fast on-site Internet software upgrades with remote registration. Also vastly improved are the onboard PI control and the onboard system diagnostic information and simulation.

Supplied By: Instrotech
Tel: +27 10 595 1831
Fax: +27 11 462 1958

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