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Programmable 800 and 1500 W PSUs
29 January 2014, Power Electronics / Power Management

XP Power announced the HDS series of 800 and 1500 Watt programmable AC-DC power supplies. With a typical efficiency of up to 93%, these single-output units measure 249 x 127 x 40,9 mm for the 800 W models and 280 x 127 x 63,5 mm for the 1500 W range and fit into an industry standard 1U or 2U profile. Two front mounted, variable speed fans, included in the above dimensions, help conserve energy and keep noise to a minimum.

Both the output voltage and output current are programmable from 0% through to 105% of stated nominal through a serial RS-232 interface, I²C interface, a 0 to +5 V d.c. input or via an external potential divider. By programming the output current, a true constant current output is achieved down to almost zero volts, this being significantly better than the industry norm which is typically only down to 20-40%.

The HDS series comprises seven models covering the popular nominal outputs from +12 to +60 V d.c. The output voltage for both series can also be manually adjusted ±5% by a trim function in order to make up for line losses. Both ranges also provide a user selectable standby output of 5 V d.c./0,5 A or 9 V d.c./0,3 A when the AC input is present.

The units include a comprehensive set of signals and controls such as remote on/off, AC OK, remote sense, PWM switching and over-temperature shutdown. A multifunction LED indicates the power supply status and gives warning notifications through the use of different colours and blinking rates. In addition, I²C serial data connections provide for bidirectional data transmission between the power supply and external monitoring/controlling equipment.

A current sharing function provides for parallel operation of up to five power units for applications that might require a higher output power or for redundancy purposes. This also allows for system scalability of any future increased power requirements.

Accommodating the full universal input voltage range of 90 – 264 V a.c., the HDS800/1500 are suitable for worldwide use. They have an extended operating temperature range from -10°C to +70°C (+60°C for HDS1500) with no derating until +50°C. The series is approved to the internationally recognised safety specification IEC 60950-1 for IT, industrial and commercial equipment. The units also comply with EN55022 Class B specification for conducted and radiated EMI.

Typical applications for the HDS800/1500 include use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, battery charging and automatic test equipment.

Supplied By: Vepac Electronics
Tel: +27 11 454 8053
Fax: +27 11 454 8044
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