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16-bit DACs
2 April 2014, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Texas Instruments unveiled the 4-channel, 2,5 GSps DAC38J84 digital-to-analog converter supporting the JEDEC JESD204B serial interface standard for data converters up to 12,5 Gbps. The pin-compatible, 2-channel, 16-bit DAC38J82 also runs at 2,5 GSps but omits JESD204B support. The chips provide the bandwidth, performance, small footprint and low power consumption needed for multi-mode 2G/3G/4G cellular base stations to migrate to more advanced technologies, such as LTE-Advanced and carrier aggregation on multiple antennas. They support up to 2 GHz of information bandwidth for wideband power amplifier digital pre-distortion, millimetre wave backhaul infrastructure, signal jamming, radar and test equipment.

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