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Power connectors with protected header terminals
9 November 2016, Interconnection

The new Molex Nano-Fit power connector system is suitable for use across a wide range of market sectors including aerospace and defence, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial and home appliances. The range is available from RS Components in two batch sizes to provide customers with high purchasing flexibility, including small-quantity packs for research and development and prototyping, as well as larger quantity packs for production.

Designers of power applications are often faced with a choice between headers that have exposed terminals and are thereby susceptible to damage, or large, fully isolated headers that take up too much space. However, the Nano-Fit series of high-density connectors provides fully isolated header terminals that protect against potential damage during handling and mating. It is supplied in a small package that can deliver up to 69% in PCB space saving, making it the smallest fully isolated header available in the market. The connectors also offer different mechanical keying options, which enable reduced risk in cross mating while improving assembly speed with colour-coding logic.

Nano-Fit is the newest and smallest member of Molex’s Fit family of connectors, which offers a variety of features to maximise current capacity, reliability and space saving. The Fit family includes a number of connector series designed to provide wire-to-board and wire-to-wire solutions where high current rating is required. It includes the Mega-Fit series, which is capable of handling up to 23 A, and the Micro-Fit 3.0 series, which has a pitch of 3,00 mm.

Other features of the Nano-Fit series include optional terminal position assurance (TPA), which reduces ‘terminal backout’ by ensuring the terminals are fully seated in the housing. The ultra-low mate force terminal also reduces operator fatigue and improves assembly compliance for high-circuit applications, and the positive-lock housing with anti-snag design ensures that mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage. An audible click is provided while mating and the latch is protected from damage due to wire snags. A retention tang and contact rib help to maintain stable contact, and the terminal interface is provided with four points of contact for long-term performance and reliability.

For more information contact RS Components, +27 (0)11 691 9300,,

Supplied By: RS Components (SA)
Tel: 086 000 7772
Fax: +27 11 466 1577

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