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Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017


Miniature circuit breaker
22 February 2017, Circuit & System Protection

From ETA comes the 4230-T, a single- or multi-pole, track mountable MCB (miniature circuit breaker) with current ratings up to 63 A. Its conformity with the relevant standards IEC 60947-2, UL 1077 and UL 489 makes it suitable for worldwide use.

Electrical add-on modules such as an auxiliary contact module or a working current module can be mounted on the left side of the breaker. Busbars for all standards allow efficient wiring and individual setup of device combinations.

A green/red mechanical status indication provides information on the switching condition on the front of the breaker.

Due to the high short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 10 kA, the 4230-T is above all suitable for AC applications in mechanical engineering.

Supplied By: Radél
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