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Cost-effective plastic connectors
15 November 2017, Interconnection

Amphenol’s AT Series connectors were designed as a high-performance, cost-effective solution to be used within the heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, military, alternative energy and other demanding interconnect architectures. The connectors contain superior environmental seals, seal retention capabilities and feature Amphenol Sine Systems RockSolid contact technology. In addition, they have been developed to be completely compatible with all other existing standard products industry-wide.

By comparison, AHD Series connectors were developed in response to the need for an economic alternative to today’s existing diagnostic product options. Designed specifically as a cost-conscious, reliable alternative, intermateable to industry standard 6 and 9 pin connectors, the AHD series is ideal for any situation where either controlled and/or uncontrolled environmental conditions exist. These connectors offer both a smooth, non-sealing option for controlled applications, as well as an environmentally sealed, threaded option for more demanding applications.

For more information contact Gerry Lingenfelder, StarTech Industrial, +27 (0)11 823 1520,,

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