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Sealed automotive connectors
18 April 2018, Interconnection

Molex’s FAKRA connectors are utilised by the automotive industry, where their application is key to on-board telematics and RF communication in today’s automobiles. The connector provides a mechanical key feature along with a visual colour code to differentiate between applications.

Molex offers FAKRA connectors with a high-temperature plastic shroud that is fully compatible with lead-free reflow processes. FAKRA RF Connectors offer a sealed, inline solution for automotive cameras, radio antennas, keyless entry or any application requiring an IP69K rating, along with a mechanical key feature and colour coding to ensure a proper connection.

A variety of formats are available, for cabled and PCB mounted applications.

Supplied By: TRX Electronics
Tel: 086 111 2844
Fax: 086 234 6870
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