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Board and panel mounted switches
18 April 2018, Switches, Relays & Keypads

RS Components has announced a major expansion of switching products from leading manufacturer C&K, including devices for mounting on both panels and printed circuit boards.

Offering excellent value and reliability, the extension of the portfolio includes a full selection of popular PCB- and panel-mounted pushbuttons, DIP switches, key switches and tactile switches. Supplied with a range of latches and in a wide choice of styles, shapes and colours, the devices especially target use by machine and panel builders who are designing human machine interfaces for control systems across the full spectrum of industrial applications, including the transport and medical sectors. Highlights of the expanded portfolio include the recently launched PNP series of industrial pushbutton switches, as well as the addition of customisable graphics on the backlit cap of the APB series pushbuttons.

Targeting designers of transportation, industrial control, test equipment and automation applications, the PNP series of sealed pushbuttons are IP68 sealed to endure harsh environments and power wash-down. The units are available in multiple housing styles and feature an extended operating life of one million cycles.

Available in a new thermoplastic housing design, the PNP series also combines the rugged switch performance and 5 A power capabilities of the manufacturer’s NP series switches with the affordability of its AP series. Additional features include: longer solder leads and holes, accommodating up to two 22-gauge wires, enabling easier installation; resistive load handling up to 5 A; and SPST and SPDT electrical functionality.

Also available is the APB series of backlit industrial pushbutton switches, which integrate LEDs in blue or white to provide a highly visible indication that the switch has been activated or turned on. Nine different cap symbols are offered as standard parts, and C&K now also offers a fully customisable painted and laser-etched cap capability. The switches are SPST momentary-action devices and are available in a threaded version that features an IP67 panel seal and an IP65 snap-in version without a panel seal.

The APB series is ideal for joystick modules and control panels used in off-road transportation and construction equipment controls, as well as various other harsh industrial applications. Rated for use in temperatures from –40°C to +85°C, the switches also feature an extended operating life of up to one million cycles. Contacts are available in a range of ratings (200 mA/ 24 V d.c.; 100 mA/50 V d.c.; 400 mA/22 V a.c.; 125 mA/125 V a.c.) with a resistance of 50 mΩ.

Supplied By: RS Components (SA)
Tel: +27 11 691 9300
Fax: +27 11 466 1577
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