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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Test & Measurement

Oscilloscopes with reconfigurable inputs
14 June 2017, Comtest

Tektronix, represented locally by Comtest, has introduced the new 5 Series MSO (mixed signal oscilloscope). To better meet modern electronics design challenges, the midrange oscilloscope boasts a host ...

Millimetre-wave network analyser solution
14 June 2017, Concilium Technologies

Keysight Technologies announced a broadband millimetre-wave network analyser solution that delivers system-level accuracy up to 120 GHz. The new Keysight N5290/91A solutions produce metrology-grade results ...

Dipole probe for 4-pole measurement
14 June 2017, Electronic Industry Supplies

Ingun’s DPS-465 M dipole probe is ideal for 4-pole measurements owing to its co-axial construction. Hence the voltage can be measured directly on the contacting area and thus the resistance determined. ...

Modular fibre-optic test system
14 June 2017, Comtest

AFL has launched the Rogue cB1 Compact Base, a fastest, flexible fibre OLTS (optical loss test set) and OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) testing platform. Using state-of-the-art technology, each ...

LabVIEW goes next-gen
14 June 2017, National Instruments

At the annual NIWeek exhibition in Austin, Texas, National Instruments unveiled LabVIEW NXG 1.0, the first release of the next generation of the engineering system design software. LabVIEW NXG bridges ...

Using an iOLM-OTDR and OLTS to test with greater efficiency
14 June 2017, Lambda Test

I received measurement files from a contractor who was working on the installation of premium pre-terminated LC/UPC connector-based assemblies. The contractor’s institutional customer was planning to ...

Miniature, fast and accurate transducers for isolated current measurement
14 June 2017, Denver Technical Products

Current transducers in which isolation is required generally detect the magnetic field of the measured current; this has the additional advantage of allowing both AC and DC currents to be measured. There ...

Ethernet chassis deliver tight test synchronisation
14 June 2017, National Instruments

The nature of physical systems test is rapidly changing as measurement systems migrate from the control room to closer to the device under test. While this shortens installation time, reduces the cost ...

Viavi enhances CPRI capabilities
14 June 2017, Concilium Technologies

Viavi Solutions has announced the launch of CPRIAdvisor, which will allow mobile service providers to remotely monitor RF conditions 24/7 for any fibre-to-the-antenna cell site. With the vast success ...

Arbitrary waveform generator
17 May 2017, Comtest

Tektronix introduced a new arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) that offers high signal fidelity and scalability at an affordable price point to meet demanding signal generation needs in advanced research, ...

DC current transducers
17 May 2017, Denver Technical Products

LEM’s new HAZ series of high-current transducers includes six models capable of measurements of 4000 to 20 000 A, and with a window that will accommodate busbars of up to 162 x 42 mm. They are available ...

Low-cost oscilloscopes
19 April 2017, Concilium Technologies

Keysight Technologies’ new low-cost InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes include 50 to 100 MHz models that deliver professional-level functionality with advanced software analysis and 6-in-1 instrument ...

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