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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

This Week's Editor's Pick

What are my IoT data transport options?
15 November 2017, Otto Wireless, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless

There are three main factors to consider when deploying a wireless IoT sensor or controller: power, range (network coverage) and speed.

Addressing safety concerns with Li-ion batteries
15 November 2017, Uniross Batteries, Power Electronics / Power Management

Lithium-ion is safe but with millions of consumers using batteries, failures are bound to happen.

Production cycle of a sealed lead-acid battery
15 November 2017, Forbatt SA, Power Electronics / Power Management

It’s easy when commissioning or simply plugging a battery into the device it is destined for, to overlook all the steps that went into its production. Often the minerals that are used in making a battery ...

It’s not about the board
15 November 2017, Computer/Embedded Technology, Design Automation

It might sound controversial, but choosing the best board for a project shouldn’t start with a comparison of different boards and appraising the features and benefits. With such a wealth of development ...

From the chairman’s desk: Q3 in South Africa
11 October 2017, AREI, News

Warren Muir, chairman of AREI, provides an update on how the local electronics sector is doing, and some of the Association’s latest happenings.

Enabling intelligent energy supply via the smart grid
11 October 2017, EBV Electrolink, Power Electronics / Power Management

As the worldwide energy supply model is experiencing a trend towards decentralised supply concepts, smart grids allow the challenges of climate change and liberalised electricity markets to be met.

The importance of test structures for multilayer PCBs
11 October 2017, EDA Technologies, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

As the number of layers in multilayer PCBs grow and the size of features become smaller and denser, the opportunities for a PCB to be built incorrectly grows exponentially. Traditional bare board PCB ...

Laser soldering for ultrafine parts or high density mounting
11 October 2017, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Laser soldering is currently gaining attention as a new soldering method. However, as this is a new industrial technique compared to iron tip soldering, the heating principles differ, and it cannot simply ...

Selecting test instrumentation for battery temperature profiling
11 October 2017, Concilium Technologies, Test & Measurement

Charge and discharge currents increase the temperature of batteries and temperature directly affects their lifespan and storage capacity. Batteries tend to be efficient and provide a normal life span ...

Effort required to manage ICT e-waste
13 September 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), News

Arrow Value Recovery Services specialises in reducing the environmental impact of e-waste by recycling ICT products through lifecycle programmes that recondition and return them to the business ICT stream.

Op-amp balancing resistors are not a given
13 September 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Analog Devices’ Harry Holt explains why balancing resistors are not always a given, the way they were in the days of the old 741 op-amp.

Thermocouple signal conditioning challenges and solutions
13 September 2017, Tempe Technologies, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

When measuring temperature, the thermocouple is one of the oldest and most widely used components. Especially useful in applications that require temperature measurements in hostile environments, such ...

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