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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Power Electronics / Power Management

Quick Charge 4 compliant reference design
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Diodes Incorporated and Weltrend Semiconductor recently announced a joint reference design for a 27 W, Class A charger that is one of the industry’s first chargers to support the Qualcomm Quick Charge ...

Addressing safety concerns with Li-ion batteries
15 November 2017, Uniross Batteries, This Week's Editor's Pick

Lithium-ion is safe but with millions of consumers using batteries, failures are bound to happen.

Non-isolated switching regulators
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Murata has added a 12 V model to its OKI-78SR series of non-isolated switching regulator DC-DC power converters for embedded applications. The fixed single-output converter offers both tight regulation ...

Low-power modern vacuum tube
15 November 2017, RS Components (SA)

RS Components has announced availability of a new miniaturised and high-performance vacuum tube technology. The Nutube vacuum tube device was developed by KORG, in cooperation with Noritake Itron Corp., ...

Production cycle of a sealed lead-acid battery
15 November 2017, Forbatt SA

It’s easy when commissioning or simply plugging a battery into the device it is destined for, to overlook all the steps that went into its production. Often the minerals that are used in making a battery ...

Board-mounted DC-DC converters
15 November 2017, Vepac Electronics

XP Power has introduced the JTD15 and JTD20 series of board-mounted DC-DC converters, which target cost sensitive applications where a compact unit with a wide input range is required. The range is aimed ...

Dimmable LED driver
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Opto-Electronics

The AL1673 from Diodes Incorporated is a high-performance, single-stage LED driver-converter operating in flyback and buck-boost topologies, targeting dimmable LED lighting applications. It operates in ...

LLC resonant controller
15 November 2017, EBV Electrolink

Texas Instruments introduced a new inductor-inductor-capacitor (LLC) resonant controller with an integrated high-voltage gate driver that enables extremely low standby power. The UCC256301 provides a ...

DC-DC modules with evaluation boards
15 November 2017, RS Components (SA)

RS Components is enabling designers to save board space, bill of materials, and development time with the latest Würth Elektronik MagI³C highly integrated DC/DC converter modules. By integrating the ...

Cost-effective DC-DC converters
15 November 2017, Conical Technologies

Traco Power’s TMA series are miniature, isolated 1 W DC-DC converters in a single-in-line package (SIP). The converters require only 1,2 cm² board space, making them ideal for many space critical applications ...

DC-DC converter runs in CV or CC mode
15 November 2017, ICORP Technologies

The A7431 is a wide input voltage, high efficiency step-down DC-DC converter that operates in either constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) mode. It provides up to 3 A output current at 125 kHz ...

Three-phase half-bridge gate driver
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Diodes Incorporated recently announced the DGD2136, a fully integrated three-phase gate driver IC intended for driving N-channel MOSFETs or IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration. With its floating high-side ...

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