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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Circuit & System Protection

Tiny TVS for high-speed data interfaces
18 April 2018, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Diodes Incorporated has announced its most advanced dataline transient voltage suppressor (TVS) ever, the DESD3V3Z1BCSF-7. Designed to provide exceptional TVS/ESD protection to the high-speed input/output ...

Multilayer chip fuses
18 April 2018, Electrocomp

Bourns has released several new SinglFuse families of multilayer SMD chip fuses for time-lag, fast-acting and slow-blow application requirements. The SF-0603SPxxxM and SF-1206SPxxxM time-lag models ...

EMC filters for single-phase applications
21 March 2018, Electrocomp

Schaffner’s popular single-phase EMC filter portfolio has been extended by additional high-performance versions of the filter family FN 2070. Designed to meet the highest performance demands for single-phase ...

Steering diode/TVS arrays
21 March 2018, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

ProTek Devices has added two steering diode/transient voltage suppressor (TVS) arrays that provide circuit protection for a wide variety of applications, such as telecommunications interfaces, computing ...

Hardware-based security solution for IoT products
21 February 2018, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

The Internet of Things is changing the world as we know it – in industry and in the home. Smart industrial robots, refrigerators and washing machines already communicate with each other. Yet devices that ...

High-current SMT fuses
31 January 2018, TRX Electronics

Littelfuse introduced a series of UL approved high-current, surface mount fuses designed for applications that require both a compact footprint and protection from ultra-high currents. The Nano2 881 ...

Noise suppression filter for LED lighting
31 January 2018, Electrocomp

TDK has expanded the MAF series of noise suppression filters with the new MAF2520ASS600C type that is designed especially for LED lighting systems. The new multilayer filter has compact dimensions of ...

Receiver protection RF switch
15 November 2017, RFiber Solutions

New from Peregrine Semiconductor is the UltraCMOS PE42823, a high-power receiver protection RF switch. Ideal for wireless infrastructure applications, this reflective switch is optimised for emerging ...

EMI feedthrough filter
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

NexTek announced the addition of a new EMI feedthrough filter model to its existing range of filter solutions. As the company’s first standard multistage EMI filter, this new 180 A design offers unique ...

High-current SMT fuses
15 November 2017, TRX Electronics

Littelfuse introduced a series of UL approved high-current, surface mount fuses designed for applications that require both a compact footprint and protection from ultra-high currents. The Nano² 881 ...

Axial fan provides extra heatsink cooling
15 November 2017, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Alutronic has collaborated with SEPA Europe to develop an enhanced cooling solution for its Powerblocs heatsinks. By mounting an axial fan, the effectiveness of the new Kühligel solution can be increased ...

Bidirectional discrete TVS diode
15 November 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

The SP1326 back-to-back diodes from Littelfuse are fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology. These diodes provide a high ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection level for electronic equipment. ...

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