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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Avoiding cobwebbing and bubbles in conformal coating
11 October 2017, Zetech

So, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time setting up your conformal coating process only to observe the dreaded cobwebbing effect once you start applying the material. There are some common root ...

Data interfaces hold the key to smart SMT manufacturing
11 October 2017, Truth Electronic Manufacturing

The data structures supported by surface-mount assembly equipment can critically influence the adoption of smart manufacturing in today’s electronics manufacturing enterprises, according to Yamaha Motor ...

Stereo microscope aids satellite project
11 October 2017, Techmet

Space exploration is an ongoing adventure that captivates our imagination, resulting in scientific and technological breakthroughs that benefit all of humanity. Currently, space programmes are shifting ...

The importance of test structures for multilayer PCBs
11 October 2017, EDA Technologies, This Week's Editor's Pick

As the number of layers in multilayer PCBs grow and the size of features become smaller and denser, the opportunities for a PCB to be built incorrectly grows exponentially. Traditional bare board PCB ...

Inline and batch selective soldering system
11 October 2017, Techmet

The compact Ecoselect 4 selective soldering system from Ersa is ideal for small to medium-sized series demanding a high degree of flexibility. Featuring Ersa machine technology of the latest Versaflow ...

Conductive epoxy adhesive
11 October 2017, Electronic Industry Supplies

3985 series conductive epoxy adhesive from Holland Shielding Systems is a two-component, electrically conductive adhesive comprising of a modified epoxy resin filled with conductive silver particles. ...

Flexible chip mounters
13 September 2017, Quamba Technologies

Hanwha Precision Machinery (previously Samsung Techwin) launched the new SM Plus series of flexible chip mounters, which can handle a variety of components ranging from 01005 up to 55 mm IC parts and ...

Eighth-brick converter
13 September 2017, Conical Technologies

New from SynQor comes the NQ60 non-isolated, eighth-brick DC-DC converter – a buck/boost regulator which employs synchronous rectification technology to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. The ...

Solder pallet and condensation trap cleaning
13 September 2017, Electronic Industry Supplies

During the soldering process, gases and vapours are emitted from the solder paste. If the condensation traps are not cleaned regularly, these residues will prevent the transfer of heat which can lead ...

Halogen-free conformal coating
13 September 2017, Vepac Electronics

Electrolube has introduced a brand new halogen-free, acrylic conformal coating, HFAC. The new product has been developed for manufacturers who require a coating formulated without the use of aromatic ...

Portable label printer
13 September 2017, RS Components (SA)

The new BMP61 label printer from Brady is a high-end thermal transfer label printer that has been designed for quick and efficient customised identification of wires, cables and components. It proves ...

Factory software tools meet modern manufacturing demands
19 July 2017, Truth Electronic Manufacturing

The role of high-quality offline software tools that aid with planning and line balancing is set to become more important to the assembly businesses of the future.

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