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Some useful lead-free soldering websites
20 September 2006, News


ELFNET (European Lead Free soldering NETwork) is a European research network of the national organisations, technical experts and industry bodies in micro-electronics. ELFNET provides a platform to coordinate, integrate and optimise research, enabling electronics producers in the EU to meet an EU directive to introduce lead-free soldering. It operates in 19 European countries and is funded by the European Commission.

Hosted by Soldertec Global, a membership organisation and a pioneer in the field of lead-free soldering technology, this site has a wealth of information on legislative developments in Europe and elsewhere. Technical information is provided to members only, including an extensive searchable literature and patents database.

Speedline Technologies' website includes some very useful practical papers on lead-free assembly and equipment. Includes some weblinks and FAQs.

Hosted by UK components manufacturer Dionics, this site provides simplified RoHS information and FAQ and advertises its innovative CASEC Toolkit ( for component compliance.


The SMT in FOCUS web portal for SMT engineers includes a lead-free page that has an up-to-date set of links and papers on all aspects of lead-free.


Has information pages designed for engineers, compiled by electronics distributor, FarnellInOne. Includes a Step-by-Step guide, FAQ, compliance advice and other guidance.


The US version of the FarnellInOne site: has guides, tools, and processes to help with implementation - from understanding how the legislation impacts the company, to providing an audit trail to confirm compliance.

Avnet Electronics Marketing

US components distributor Avnet offers basic resource links. Includes a portal for large lists of lead-free webpages from components suppliers. is produced by a consortium of leading companies in the industry. This is a practically-focused site with many articles and FAQ.

SMTInfo Lead-Free Page

Daan Terstegge's website on PCB assembly includes numerous articles and links on lead-free soldering.

Bibliography for Designing Lead-Free, RoHS-Compliant, and WEEE-Compliant Electronics

John Barnes has compiled an extensive webpage with comprehensive lists of references and weblinks covering all aspects of RoHS and WEEE, including lead-free regulations, magazines, mailing lists, websites, books, CDROMs, reports etc.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (Fraunhofer IZM) is one of the leading experts for microelectronics and microsystems packaging worldwide. To support the need for information on the change to lead-free soldering, its Environmental Engineering Department set up the 'Infopool' pages, that provides on-line information resources on lead-free topics. It includes a survey of providers of lead-free supplies on the internet and links to technical and legislative information.

DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions, an electronics quality and reliability organisation formed by several senior scientists from the University of Maryland, focuses on reliability aspects with some general background info and FAQ.

Electronic Design

Electronic Design magazine's lead-free section includes: What is new; Focus on design; Knowledge Test; downloadable eBook 'Guide to Environmental Laws'; Latest RoHS news & resources.


Components distributor MVR International offers info on supplier roadmaps. Has lead-free news, links, FAQs and legislation analysis.

Arrow Electronics

Components distributor and supply chain manager, Arrow Electronics, provides legislation updates, transition planning advice, component compliance data, and database of global component supplier part identification policies.

Green Supply Line

Hosted by CMP United Business Media, this site is focused on business and supply chain issues for WEEE and RoHS for OEM/CEM managers.

Ray Franklin's site has extensive news stories, events, and links related to RoHS and WEEE Compliance. RSS feeds are also available.

Guide to new international environmental laws

There are new hazardous materials directives coming out of not only Europe, but also Japan and China, and these will have a major impact on the global electronics industry. All chip and equipment manufacturers and distributors doing business internationally must comply with these new directives. Electronic Design magazine has put out a free 'Guide to the new international environmental laws' in the form of an eBook. It answers questions like: Is the industry prepared? What are the issues? Minefield or opportunity? How is the industry responding?


EBV has a webpage with some technical information, roadmaps and website links to its franchised manufacturers. There is a downloadable Identification Worksheet of Lead-free Products¡ file and a note on the change of information on documents and additional identification labels for packages.

Bob Willis is a site that offers a quick and simple way of solving printed board assembly problems you may be facing in your manufacturing facility, with your printed board suppliers or worldwide contract manufacturing providers. It offers simple independent advice based on years of practical experience with conventional, surface mount assembly, printed board manufacture and lead-free assembly. With free registration there is access to all the on-line technical material. One may also enrol as a member for on-line confidential consultancy.

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