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Directional coupler

18 September 2020 Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

The MC16-0222SM from Marki Microwave is a directional coupler with frequency DC to 22 GHz, coupling 16&nbspdB, directivity 14 to 23&nbspdB, insertion loss 1,2 to 3,5&nbspdB, and operating temperature -55 to 100°C.

Further details on the MC16-0222SM are given below.

Product Details

• Part Number: MC16-0222SM.

• Manufacturer: Marki Microwave.

• Description: GaAs MMIC directional coupler from DC to 22&nbspGHz.

General parameters

• Frequency: DC to 22&nbspGHz.

• Coupling: 16&nbspdB.

• Directivity: 14 to 23&nbspdB.

• Insertion loss: 1,2 to 3,5&nbspdB.

• Impedance: 50&nbspOhms.

• VSWR: 1,22:1.

• Package Type: Surface mount.

• Package: QFN.

• Dimension: 4&nbspx&nbsp4&nbspmm.

• RoHS: Yes.

• Grade: Commercial, military.

• Operating temperature: -55 to 100°C.

• Storage temperature: -65 to 125°C.

For more information contact Andrew Hutton, RF Design, +27&nbsp21&nbsp555&nbsp8400,,


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