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A case study on implementing smart traffic management

28 April 2021 Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT News

Syntell is a leading South African technology company. One of its key projects is the running and management of one third of Johannesburg’s traffic lights. Syntell’s system is a full traffic management and monitoring system and the connectivity of all end points is enabled by Trinity IoT’s 4G-enabled routers. Syntell has deployed 855 Trinity-enabled RUT955 routers to date, with plans for a further development in the near future.

Knowing the precise location of each router is critical to the traffic management solution. Before moving to Trinity’s technology, Syntell’s system used standard serial modems, which were unable to scale with network speeds or handle an increase in the variety of devices, such as cameras which needed to be added.

The increase in the complexity of the system also required a solution which increased visibility of activity and enabled remote management of devices; from remote lockdown through to geographic ring-fencing.

The solution

After working closely with Syntell to elicit its requirements, our engineers determined that the RUT955 (a customisable industrial device) would be the perfect fit for the company’s needs. Since Trinity devices are pre-provisioned and ICASA certified, our team started development on the devices immediately.

Development included building custom software embedded in the RUT955 firmware. This would allow the device to send and receive data tailored to Syntell’s needs. In addition, all devices were loaded on the Trinity IoT platform, providing remote visibility of each device on the network.

Waheed Mia, system manager at Syntell, said “We have been very pleased with Trinity’s solution. It has enabled us to manage all endpoints on our system more effectively and add a variety of device types. We couldn’t do this before.”

Advantages of the Trinity IoT system are:

• Visibility: One view of your entire SIM, device and asset estates at any instant with bidirectional control.

• Alerts: Manage critical ‘in field’ information remotely via alerts and notifications.

• Remote management: Manage or inspect the operational state of assets, routers and SIMs instantly.

• Cloud: Retrieve live data supplied by a 4G geographically-redundant cloud solution.

What to expect when you work with our team


You know your business and we know IoT. The best way to launch a successful IoT project is to combine our expertise. By collaborating with you and your team, we’ll work out a custom IoT solution that solves your business needs.

Rapid deployment

Trinity devices are pre-provisioned: Sourcing, importing and certification are taken care of before you’ve even selected your device, allowing us to start development on your project the moment you give us the go-ahead.

Custom solutions

Every business has its own tools, processes and internal dynamics. Our team takes these nuances into account when building your IoT solution and develops any necessary software changes for you – freeing up your time to take care of your core business.

For more information contact Louise Du Plessis, Trinity IoT, +27 79 892 8156,,


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