High-reliability power connector with 8,5 mm pitch

24 November 2021 Interconnection

Allowing designers to specify high current and high quality for maximum power in extreme conditions, the Kona connector from Harwin features tough, resilient housings to protect connections from physical knocks and damage. With 8,5 mm pitch and individually shrouded connections, applications can achieve up to 60 A and 3000 V per contact.

Vibration and shock resilience are built into the design, with six-finger beryllium copper alloy contacts for electrical continuity and good spring force properties. Connectors are available in two, three or four pin counts, in a compact single-row configuration.

Male pin connectors are designed for through-board PCB mounting with additional board fixings for strain relief. Female cable housings are supplied with thumbscrews fitted. Female cable contacts are ready for #8 AWG cables to be soldered before assembly to the housing.

Applications range from aerospace, aviation, defence and security to motorsport, electric vehicles and high-end industrial.


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