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Open-frame 80 W DC/DC converter

24 November 2021 Power Electronics / Power Management

A new 80 W DC/DC converter has been added to Cosel’s value-added STMGF platform. Available in two versions, the STMGFS80 covers all industrial voltages from 9 V to 76 V.

Using Cosel’s efficient MGFS80 converter assembled on a carrier board, the STMGFS80 series fits in the same footprint as its predecessor, which previously only delivered 30 W. Ready to use out of the box, the STMGFS80 includes terminal blocks, output voltage potentiometer, input filter and extra capacitors. The series complies with safety standards UL62368-1 and C-UL EN62368-1.

Battery-powered industrial applications require very efficient power solutions and system developers are seeking to reduce the number of references when selecting a power supply. They also want easily mountable power sources such as DC/DC converters within their equipment. By combining Cosel’s high-efficiency, wide input-range DC/DC converter modules with a robust mechanical platform, its value-added STMG platform offers designers an easy way to acquire the benefits of a high-quality power solution in an industrial-mount packaging.

Featuring easy system integration by baseplate or DIN-rail attachment, as well as a 5-year standard warranty, the STMGFS80 series is available in two models. The STMGFS8024 operates from 9 V to 36 V d.c., embracing 12 V and 24 V systems and the STMGFS8048 works from 18 V to 76 V d.c., covering industrial 24 V and 48 V systems. Four output voltages are available: 3,3 V/18 A; 5 V/16 A; 12 V/6,7 A; and 15 V/5,4 A. Output volage can be adjusted by a potentiometer included on the motherboard.

All modules include an on/off remote control (RC) function via an interface connector. Negative logic is the standard method used to control on/off via the remote function, although positive logic RC can be provided on request (Option R). Benefiting from Cosel’s high-efficiency topology, the STMGFS80 has a typical efficiency of up to 92%.

Optimised for convection cooling, the power supplies can be operated within an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. Depending on the assembly method and ventilation levels across the final equipment, a derating may apply as specified in the technical documentation.

The STMGFS80 series includes over-voltage and over-current protection. In the case of over-current exceeding 105% rating, the module operates in hiccup mode and automatically recovers when the output current returns to normal. For safety and galvanic isolation, the STMGFS80 series has 1500 V d.c. input and RC to output, 1000 V d.c. input and RC to floating ground (FG), and 1000 V d.c. output to FG isolation.

The STMGFS80 can be assembled directly to a customer’s equipment chassis by fixing the base plate using the two mounting holes. It can also be clipped to a DIN-rail chassis by ordering the option N2. The open-frame converters measure 52 x 29 x 117 mm and weighs 170 g.


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