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Infineon expands multiprotocol solutions for Matter

24 November 2021 Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Infineon Technologies announced the launch of the new AIROC Bluetooth LE and 802.15.4 family to help companies quickly bring low-power, high-performing Matter products to market. The company’s AIROC CYW30739 Bluetooth LE and 802.15.4 system on chip (SoC) is a reliable, secure and scalable solution to connect low-power devices in the smart home. The powerful combination of complementary Bluetooth LE and 802.15.4 protocols enhances the performance of smart home products with seamless interoperability, while enabling end-to-end encrypted communication between individual devices in a Matter network.

The SoC features a low-power radio, which is a key component in low-power multi-protocol systems with rock solid connectivity. More importantly, it offers superior RF performance for robust connections and the best user experience without connection drops. The low power consumption supports applications that require extended battery life, including smart home, smart building, smart lighting and more. These design techniques and process technology are extremely efficient to help reduce active and idle power.

The AIROC CYW30739 includes -95,5 dBm LE Rx and -103,5 dBm 802.15.4 sensitivity for reliable, long-range Bluetooth and multi-protocol connectivity. This smart coexistence creates a seamless interaction between a plethora of connected devices, ultimately providing a better user experience with the smart home. The integrated 96 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller unit with floating point unit delivers high-performance computing as well as a highly optimised memory system across Flash, RAM and ROM.

To further demonstrate the company’s commitment to Matter, Infineon recently expanded its role with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) by joining its board of directors as a Promoter Member.


Infineon offers a comprehensive wireless portfolio to support Matter, including the company’s AIROC Wi-Fi, AIROC Bluetooth and 802.15.4 and PSoC 6 MCU products. Developers can accelerate the deployment of Matter products by accessing Infineon’s software support in the open-source Matter repository and additional Matter-specific capabilities in Infineon’s ModusToolbox software and tools.

The latest version of ModusToolbox is available now for download at and more information about Infineon’s support for Matter is available at

For more information contact EBV Electrolink, +27 21 402 1940,,


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