Hi-Rel board-to-board and coax interconnects

24 November 2021 Interconnection

Reliable connectors from Southwest Microwave, used in mission-critical applications since 1989, address low-loss challenges and meet NASA/ESA outgassing requirements. The company offers space screening, qualification testing and DPA assistance. And all parts are traceable to their raw materials for single-lot control.

For applications requiring board-to-board spacing as tight as 3 mm, the SuperMini range is designed for signals from DC up to 67 GHz, with low mating//unmating forces for smooth bore and detent and the connectors accommodate misalignment of up to 0,254 mm axial and +/-10° radial with no performance degradation.

Also available are SSBP coax contacts for multi-pin, DC to 110 GHz designs which allow for mixing of microwave and signal contacts in one connector. These push-on coax contacts simplify interconnections and cabling while offering greater system reliability than the alternative of mating a large array of standard coax connectors. These SSBP coax contacts were designed to fit into standard off-the-shelf MIL-DLT-38999 and MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub connectors and are interchangeable with standard signal contacts (available with 20 HD, 20, 16, 12 and eight contacts) to accommodate a variety of performance requirements.


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