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Powerful system-on-module development platform

30 March 2022 Computer/Embedded Technology

A new system-on-module ecosystem has been released by SlidRun, an Israeli developer and manufacturer of high-performance system-on-module (SOM) solutions, single-board computers (SBC) and network edge solutions. The company’s family of LX2-Lite SOMs and its Clearfog LX2-Lite development platform are based on the powerful Layerscape LX2162A system-on-chip (SoC) from NXP Semiconductors.

With a footprint measuring just 58 x 48 mm, or about 25% the size of a standard COM Express 7 solution, its maker claims the LX2-Lite Mini SOM is the smallest 16-core SOM platform in the world and packs all the embedded power management, memory, storage and I/O subsystems developers need.

Ideal for modern software-defined networking solutions, edge network security hardware, data processing units and more, this SOM combines the efficiency of NXP’s 16 nm FinFET process architecture and up to 16 Arm Cortex-A72 cores with advanced data path acceleration optimised for L2/3 packet processing, security offload and robust traffic management and quality of service. The module also boasts a 50 Gbps security acceleration engine and 88 Gbps data compression engine for network security and data routing application performance.

Developers can maximise the LX2-Lite SOM’s expansive I/O and SerDes lanes using the new Clearfog LX2-Lite developer platform. This offers an ideal foundation for creating high-performance SD-WAN, network security and industrial control solutions and features a solid mix of high-performance networking, PCIe, USB and SATA connections to satisfy a variety of hardware applications.

The new LX2-Lite SOMs are capable of high speeds and come in three varieties: a 16-core version based on the NXP LX2162A, a 12-core version based on the NXP LX2122A and an 8-core version based on the NXP LX2082A processor. Boasting 12 SerDes lanes, the module supports up to four 25 Gbps Ethernet connections (up to a maximum of 100 Gbps) and up to eight PCIe Gen 3 connections concurrently, as well as several combinations of the two for further application flexibility. Each SOM features a high-speed USB 3.0 interface and general industrial connectivity options like UART and I2C.

All SOMs feature up to 32 GB of DDR4 system memory, 8 GB of eMMC storage, an 8 Mbit serial peripheral interface with 64 MB of Flash memory and an SD/MMC interface. SolidRun LX2-Lite SOMs support Linux as well as Debian, Ubuntu and Yocto developer operating systems.

The Clearfog LX2-Lite developer platform streamlines prototyping and reduces development time for solutions based on the LX2Lite processor-based SOMs. This platform features a variety of expansion and communications options, including:

• 2x SFP28 ports (25 GbE each).

• 2x SFP+ ports (up to 10 GbE each).

• 8x RJ45 ports (1 GbE each).

• USB to STM32 for remote management.

• GPIO header.

• I/Os for USB 3.0.

• Optional RunBMC-compliant socket.

• Micro-USB debugging port.

The LX2162A, LX2122A and LX2082A SOMs and Clearfog LX2-Lite developer platform are available today for pre-order through SolidRun. To help expedite the development process, customers will be provided with an optimised board support package (BSP), stable long-term support for select software distributions, access to SolidRun’s support tools and sample source code.

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