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Tibbo powers cloud-enabled traceability systems

26 April 2022 Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Today, traceability is critical in all stages of the manufacturing process. It allows manufacturers to follow the progress of their products throughout the entire production process, helping to identify problems. This is particularly important in the quality control (QC) phase, as it is the last chance to ensure that products are safe, reliable and meet specifications.

Traceability generally requires the ability to identify each unit in production, typically with barcodes. These barcodes are scanned at each production step. Tibbo's cloud-enabled traceability solution consists of three components:

• WS1102 programmable serial controller with a barcode scanner.

• TPS2L(G2) modular automation platform with an LCD screen.

• A database and app in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The wireless nature of the WS1102 allows units (and attached barcode scanners) to be moved freely between workstations. A Tibbo BASIC app on the WS1102 receives and processes data from the barcode scanner and serves this data to the Tibbo app in the Azure cloud.

At the heart of each workstation is a TPS controller. The modularity of the Tibbo Project System (TPS) means that each unit can be tailored to the needs of its station. One neat feature the company has implemented is the configuration of WS1102 controllers via QR codes displayed on the TPS’ LCD screens. This allows the WS1102s and barcode scanners to be moved between stations. The user can simply scan the code on the screen, and the WS1102 knows where it is.

Tibbo’s Microsoft Azure app analyses collected telemetry and keeps track of each step that a production unit has passed through. The system also records all additional test data generated at every step. The cloud-based system is crucial for identifying missed or improperly executed production steps.

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