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New low-cost 60 W PSU

27 July 2022 Power Electronics / Power Management

The new VCB60 series of PSU from XP Power addresses the need for high-quality easy-to-use power solutions at attractive price points. The release of a new series of 60 W low profile AC/DC power supplies fits this bill and they are intended for use in a wide variety of cost-sensitive applications including information technology equipment, industrial electronics, domestic, IoT and robotics.

The modules operate from 90 to 305 V AC, making them suitable for use with global industrial or commercial equipment. With a total of eight devices in the series, regulated output voltages from 5,0 V DC to 54,0 V DC are covered at power levels up to 60 W. The PSUs are convection-cooled ensuring silent operation which is a common requirement in noise-sensitive audio/video applications as well as in an office or domestic setting.

Various protection mechanisms are incorporated including short circuit, overvoltage, and overload protection. Overvoltage category III approval means that VCB60 units can be used in building wiring upstream of wall sockets that require safety-approved products. The approval removes any need for additional filtering and safety approvals, saving time and cost. The VCB60 series carries multiple approvals for EMC immunity for EMC emissions. Safety approvals include IEC60950, IEC62368 and IEC60355. This ensures that the units can be safely used in a wide range of industrial and domestic applications while ensuring they meet noise requirements without external filtering.

The units have an efficiency rating of 90%, ensuring that waste heat is minimised. This reduces thermal management requirements and decreases operating temperature, thereby increasing the reliability of the overall system.


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