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Industrial IMU for high-performance navigation applications

23 November 2022 Test & Measurement

TDK Corporation has extended the SmartIndustrial line of robust and accurate motion sensors and announced the availability of InvenSense IIM-46234 and IIM-46230 new high-performance fault-tolerant inertial measurement units (IMU). These IMUs are targeted at navigation applications that require accurate, stable, and best-in-class bias instability at an affordable price.

IIM-46234 and IIM-46230 are modules that include multiple six-axis sensors, each of which can measure three dimensions of linear acceleration and three dimensions of rotational rate. The modules also include a microcontroller that provides multiple options for communication and sensor fusion.

The calibration of these devices over the full temperature range of -40 to 85°C, guarantees best performance not typical in standard IMUs, which often have deteriorating performance as temperatures increase or decrease. It also provides stable measurements across all temperatures to minimise errors in position and angle for navigation applications.

This product family is well-suited for a variety of navigation applications, including high-end real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) and GNSS/INS units, precision agriculture, construction machinery, and industrial robots. An example application is an industrial autonomous vehicle or drone that requires excellent dead reckoning performance in case of GPS signal loss.


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