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Advantages of 60 GHz radar over PIR

23 November 2022 Test & Measurement

Radar is a powerful, cost-effective replacement for conventional PIR sensors. Infineon’s Xensiv 60 GHz radar chip, BGT60LTR11AIP, is here to revolutionise motion detection.

Here are four advantages of the BGT60LTR11AIP over PIR technology:

1. Radar can sense through non-conductive materials, allowing for the sensor to be hidden behind product covers as in, for example, consumer electronics. This further enables creative product designs for seamless integration into everyday life.

2. Radar provides higher sensitivity than PIR sensors. It is not affected by the ambient temperature and can even capture the smallest motions. For example, in the case of indoor lights, it can keep the lights on even when someone is sitting motionless in a room while reading or watching TV.

3. BGT60LTR11AIP allows higher detection range. It can detect up to 7 m in the completely autonomous mode; and detection can be increased up to 12 m with MCU support. This could enable security systems to trigger an alarm as early as possible.

4. This radar sensor provides not only information on motion but also on approaching and departing movements. This can enable an automatic door to open only if a target is continuously approaching, and not when detecting any kind of motion.


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