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Automotive functional safety

23 November 2022 Circuit & System Protection

Safety is a prime consideration in all vehicles, and a primary driver for greater automation, thereby removing reliance on the leading cause of accidents – the driver. For many years now, ISO 26262 has been the leading standard setting out requirements and guidance on what a product must achieve in order to be used in an automotive safety application.

Infineon offers a range of products that are ISO 26262-compliant and ISO 26262-ready to reduce the time-to-market for new designs. All products also benefit from an extensive portfolio of safety-related documentation.

Using these products will allow newly developed automotive systems to be part of an ISO 26262-compliant development workflow. Customers will benefit from:

• Innovative solutions for safety related applications.

• Reduced time-to-market.

• A broad portfolio of ISO 26262-qualified products already available for inclusion into new or existing designs that require an update.


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