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Next generation IGBTs vs Silicon Carbide

31 May 2023 Power Electronics / Power Management

The number of technology solutions for high power application designers to select from has expanded greatly. Silicon Carbide offers premium performance at an additional cost, but is it always the optimal solution? As a leader in both IGBT and Silicon Carbide technologies, Infineon is in a unique position to offer comparisons and trade-offs between them.

This webcast will dive quickly into the trade-offs and present Infineon's latest IGBT7 portfolio that offers cost-effective solutions to Silicon Carbide for some applications.

Attendees will learn about:

• Infineon’s advanced Trenchstop IGBT7 portfolio and the features of this broad series of products.

• Key trade-offs of Trenchstop 1200 V H7 IGBTs vs SiC devices in different applications.

• The grey area in device selection at 650 V and why next generation IGBTs could be the ideal solution.

Date: Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Time: 17:00 CAT

For more information visit https://bit.ly/3Cm9uy7


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