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3-Phase VPX PSU for military applications

27 September 2023 Power Electronics / Power Management

SynQor has announced its new 3-Phase 100 to 140 V, 47 to 800 Hz AC input, VPX power supply for critical military and aerospace applications. This 3U VPX power supply, designed to meet VITA 62.1, VITA 47, and VITA 46.11 standards, allows designers in the defence markets to power chassis with the latest flexible, efficient and reliable VPX technology.

The VPX-3U-AC115-3-C power supply can deliver up to 700 W and has an efficiency rating of 91,5% at 85°C. With a balanced current draw within 3%, the delta 3-Phase input power supply features a low inrush current and has a power factor near unity for power levels exceeding 200 W.

It delivers an isolated 28 V DC output at 27 A through its main output power rail and 3,3 V DC at 150 mA through its AUX rail. The main output rail also includes load-sharing capabilities for higher power or redundant systems.

The power module is equipped with several features, including an integrated EMI filter and conduction cooling. Safety features include over- and under-voltage, short circuit and over-temperature protection. It also offers an I2C communications port. The VPX power supply is designed to meet MIL-STD-704 (B-F), MIL-STD-461F, and MIL-STD-810G standards, making it suitable for the most demanding military applications.


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