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The challenge of supporting multi-voltage systems

25 October 2023 Power Electronics / Power Management

To get to market faster, OEMs continue to use legacy 12 V systems in certain applications.

However, these 12 V systems must work on an xEV’s 48 V power delivery network. The challenge of combining 48 V and 12 V systems is further complicated by the considerable increase in overall power required by xEVs, which is up to 20x the electric power of internal combustion engine vehicles. That 20x increase requires a new approach to efficiently distribute power to both 48 V and legacy 12 V systems.

Providing increased power at 48 V with a growing number of loads requires high-density modules instead of larger and bulkier discrete solutions. Vicor offers several modules for power delivery from 48 V. These devices include fixed ratio and regulated converter solutions that support both 48 V and 12 V loads.

These converters can be contained in a single housing or be deployed throughout the vehicle, leveraging a smaller and lighter 48 V power distribution network.

Vicor’s DCM modules provide a 12 V regulated output from a 35 to 58 V input, with an overall power rating of 2 kW. The PRM modules provide a 48 to 48 V regulated conversion, with a power rating up to 2,5 kW. Finally, the NBM modules provide either 48 V to 12 V or 12 to 48 V bidirectional, fixed ratio conversion.


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