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Multi-channel electronic load series

29 February 2024 Power Electronics / Power Management

ITECH has recently announced the release of its upgraded IT8700P+ series multi-channel electronic loads. This new series supports master-slave parallel configuration between all the modules, allowing for different modules to be mixed and matched for synchronisation.

The IT8700P+ series includes both single-and dual-channel versions, and consists of a total of nine models. The IT8722P+ (150 V/20 A/2 x 250 W) and IT8722BP+ (600 V/15 A/2 x 250 W) come equipped with dynamic power distribution functions, with a maximum of 250 W per channel. The total power between the two channels is limited to 300 W.

The IT8700P+ module features faster dynamic response, and can achieve a minimum current rise time of under 10 µs. These units have lower on-resistance, making them ideal for low-voltage load tests. The faster loop speed of the IT8700P+ ensures precise control of the current without overshoot, improving the test efficiency of the units. Additionally, the three-stage current range ensures higher precision and lower ripple, resulting in much better performance than many competitors.

The voltage and current measurement speed has been upgraded to 250 kHz, and the IT8700P+ series has built-in LAN, USB, and RS232 interfaces. It also supports SCPI protocol, which makes it more conducive to system integration.

This versatile multi-channel electronic load system is suitable for research and development of supercapacitors, fuel cells, lithium batteries, and high-speed AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies.

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