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NeoCortec wireless mesh networking

31 May 2024 Computer/Embedded Technology

The NeoCortec Wireless Mesh Networking Protocol is a worldwide patented technology. The patented technology can form a complete and self-contained mesh network with up to 65 000 battery-powered devices (nodes), making the technology outstanding in performance, efficiency and reliability.

The technology builds upon a substantial experience from existing mesh network solutions, which has resulted in a network protocol ensuring complete independence from a central network manager. The manager is replaced by intelligent nodes capable of linking to one another in one single autonomous mesh network, creating a complete ecosystem that simply works, no matter how big it gets.

Unlike other ultra-low power wireless solutions, the NeoCortec Mesh Network is created and maintained without the need for a central coordinator. The distributed intelligence of the autonomous nodes allows flexible and dynamic network topologies to be deployed fast, even in the most challenging environments.

The protocol used by the mesh network communications is designed to allow real-time routing of data over long distances through multiple hops, while using very little energy. This enables long-distance real-time routing of data with ultra-low power consumption, allowing networks to be deployed in the most challenging environments. As the protocol is designed for flexible and versatile use, endless applications can benefit from its integration.

The system is implemented in small pre-certified modules, meaning that a solution can be quickly and easily designed to fulfil the necessary requirement. The mesh network functionality can be rapidly integrated into a final product, gaining a significant reduction in time-to-market.

The NeoCortec technology integrates seamlessly with all cloud solutions currently available through a low-cost gateway design, but can also work independently, allowing local networks to be created.

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