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EMI shielding solutions
30 January 2019, Circuit & System Protection

Laird Technologies supplies a range of EMI protection, shielding and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) products for suppressing interference and meeting immunity requirements; isolating offending circuits through filtering, grounding and shielding, and desensitising devices by increasing their immunity to susceptible circuits. This product range includes the following:

Electrically conductive elastomers, ideal for applications that require environmental and EMI shielding. A wide range of conductive filler materials is available in extruded, moulded die-cut, dispensed form-in-place, printed and coated formats.

Form-in-place gaskets, produced by an automated system for dispensing conductive elastomer EMI shielding and grounding gaskets onto metal plastic substrates. It is ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, PC cards, cellular base-stations, radios, and many other compartmentalised casts or plastic enclosures and packaged electronic assemblies.

Wire mesh gaskets which are versatile and provide effective shielding. Knitted gaskets can be made from a variety of metal wires, including monel, tin-plated copper-clad steel or aluminium.

For board-level shielding, Laird offers a traditional metal enclosure, single- and two-piece EZ Peel, as well as new convergence products. The latter incorporates a stamped metal housing and over-moulded, electrically conductive elastomer, or thermal interface material, that is designed to meet the specific needs of an application.

Microwave absorbing materials are coatings with electrical or magnetic properties that have been altered to allow absorption of microwave energy at discrete or broadband frequencies. Laird offers a wide range, including die-cut elastomers, foam, thermoplastics and custom solutions to aid in internal cavity resonances, antenna pattern shaping and high-frequency interference.

Finger strips for enclosure doors, cabinets and boxes, made from an alloy selection that provides an optimal combination of spring and low compression force to meet a wide variety of applications. These solutions offer excellent corrosion resistance, solderability and palatability. They are effective for EMI shielding and can be used in a variety of slotted and grounding contact applications.

Also available is a lineup of fabric-over-foam shielding gaskets, conductive foam, conductive fabric and conductive tape. Fabric-over-foam gaskets are galvanically compatible with most mating surfaces, and offer high abrasion and resistance, high conductivity and shielding attenuation. They are ideal for applications requiring low-pressure force.

Finally, conductive foam provides effective EMI shielding for microprocessor speeds in computer and telecommunications equipment. Conductive fabric combines highly conductive metals with lightweight fabric to meet a diverse range of shielding requirements. Conductive tape shielding is lightweight, thin and flexible, and offers excellent conductivity, conformability and durability.

Supplied By: Actum Electronics
Tel: +27 11 608 3001
Fax: +27 11 608 1918
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