Smart Home Automation

Easy on/off control with BLE-Switchbox

29 January 2020

BLE-Switchbox is a Wi-Fi enabled device capable of remote switching any 220 V a.c. appliances wirelessly using a PC or mobile device. Up to 3 kW of power can be switched using the on/off functionality, as well as providing the ability to check the status of all controlled devices from anywhere. is a brand of high-quality products related to home automation. Created in 2013, the company now provides innovative products to more than 20 countries around the world. All products are designed in-house and produced in the European Union. Features and benefits include the following:

Easy to retrofit: designed to fit existing home installations without expensive modifications.

Independent: devices do not require additional devices like central units or automation hubs.

Get started quickly: users can begin with a single device and expand their smart home at any time.

µWi-Fi inside: based on one of the IoT’s most disruptive technologies.

Unique solutions for unique value

Smart homes were traditionally associated with expensive and complicated installations. Then, over the past five years, cheaper and less complicated solutions have appeared on the market. However, they have some disadvantages. To work, they require a central unit or intermediary device that makes possible the communication between the user and the controller.

BLE-Switchbox devices do not require any such additional equipment – a simple Wi-Fi network is enough. After connecting the device with the home network, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world without complicated configuration. Users can start with one lamp or roller shutter controller and then extend their smart home solution as and when the need arises.


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