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Next generation eCall testing solutions
26 July 2023, Coral-i Solutions
With the evolution of cellular technologies and wide deployment of 4G and 5G, the Next Generation eCall (NG eCall) will ensure a much faster and reliable transfer of Minimum Set of Data (MSD).

The smart future of field strength measurement
28 June 2023, Accutronics, Editor's Choice
Narda has realised the future of electromagnetic field measurements with its FieldMan, an easy-to-use instrument for reliable isotropic field measurements from 0 Hz up to 90 GHz.

Absolute digital output barometer with Qvar
28 June 2023, Altron Arrow
STMicroelectronics’ ILPS22QS is a dual full-scale 4060 hPa absolute digital output barometer with integrated Qvar sensor.

New testing laboratory for Hi-Rel products
28 June 2023, Hiconnex
As part of its design and development process for rugged, harsh environment and high-reliability (Hi-Rel) applications, Nicomatic subjects its products to stringent environmental, mechanical and electrical tests to ensure that they meet complex industry standards and specifications.

Supporting Wi-Fi 7 tests for wireless communications device production line
28 June 2023, Coral-i Solutions
The MT8870A/MT8872A has necessary test features for manufacturing inspection of various wireless communications equipment and modules, while also supporting all prior Wi-Fi TRX test standards (IEEE 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ax).

Speed up validation time on SiC and GaN technologies
28 June 2023, RS South Africa
With new wide bandgap switching devices enabling significant advances in electric vehicles, solar energy, and industrial controls, the Tektronix WBG-DPT solution can provide automated, repeatable, and accurate measurements on wide bandgap devices such as SiC and GaN MOSFETs.

Advanced cable tester for high-speed USB Type-C and HDMI 2.1
28 June 2023, Comtest
Teledyne LeCroy has announced the development of an automated advanced cable tester that meets the demanding production test requirements of USB Type-C, HDMI 2.1 and other cables with transfer rates up to 48 Gb/s.

5G FR2 downconverter antennas
28 June 2023, Accutronics
Narda Safety Test Solutions has developed two new 5G antennas for its SRM-3006 that enable this handheld field strength measuring system to measure the upper 5G frequency band FR2.

Caesium atomic clock provides autonomous precise time
28 June 2023, EBV Electrolink
Microchip’s 5071B is a compact commercial timing product offering ease of deployment across multiple industries.

Solar power market set for 2023 upswing
31 May 2023, Comtest
With the solar power sector expected to rise sharply throughout 2023, installation and testing engineers will need access to specific tools and instruments to work at optimum efficiency and safety.

High-amplitude pulse generator series
31 May 2023, Vepac Electronics
The Pulse Rider series includes a set of fast rise-time pulse generators that offer premium signal integrity with an easy-to-use touch screen display interface (SimpleRider), allowing pulse creation in a few simple touches of the interface.

All-in-one LMR, PMR and LTE radio testing
31 May 2023, Measuretest
VIAVI CX300 ComXpert delivers lab-grade radio test and alignment in a compact and rugged field-portable test system, helping radio technicians ensure complete communications coverage.

Anritsu enhances signal analyser MS2840A function
31 May 2023, Coral-i Solutions
Adding new functions to the earlier MX284059A, this MX284059B release also supports new interlocked control of the USB Peak Power Sensor MA24406A/18A/40A for automatic high-accuracy transmission (Tx) power and pulse-width measurements.

Testing and building applications at the edge
31 May 2023, TRX Electronics
Today, edge computing is seen more as describing a topology that enables data to be processed at the location where it was generated that is most likely used to resolve issues of latency.

Anritsu introduces O-RAN radio unit test solution
26 April 2023, Coral-i Solutions
Anritsu Company has introduced the ORAN test platform MX772000PC and O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU) emulator platform software MX773000PC solution for efficient evaluation of O-RAN radio units (O-RUs).

Solar multifunction tool kit for professionals
26 April 2023, Comtest
Fluke’s SMFT-1000 Solar Tools Pro kit offers a comprehensive PV solution, enabling streamlined PV safety and quality inspections with Fluke TruTest Solar Software integration.

Forced discharge test of lithium batteries for aviation applications
26 April 2023, Conical Technologies
When the voltage reaches a certain value, continued discharge will cause over-discharge, which will destroy the crystalline structure of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, degrading the thermal stability of the two electrodes.

Frequency extender modules to bring best-in-class performance to sub-THz applications
29 March 2023, Coral-i Solutions
New modules for Anritsu Rubidium signal generators create a solution that provides industry’s broadest frequency coverage, with best signal purity and output power.

Earth ground testing basics
28 February 2023, Comtest
r: Facilities need to have adequately grounded electrical systems so that in the event of a lightning strike, or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth.

Support for PCI Express 6.0 electrical testing
28 February 2023, Comtest
Teledyne LeCroy has announced support for PCI Express 6.0 electrical test and validation with QPHY-PCIE6-TX-RX fully automated test software, together with SDAIII-PCIE6 and SDAIII-PAMx characterisation and debug software packages.


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