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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

This Week's Editor's Pick

Consider renting versus buying test equipment
10 October 2018, Coral-i Solutions , Test & Measurement

Coral-i Solutions weighs the benefits of renting versus buying, and the equipment available within the company’s rental pool.

The future of energy-harvesting IoT applications
10 October 2018, News

Energy harvesting offers significant advantages to the development and improvement of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a critical component for creating an enhanced class of autonomous and mobile applications ...

How to make sure your designs are properly grounded
10 October 2018, EDA Technologies, Design Automation

In the fields of electrical and electronic engineering the word ground is used to describe parts of systems or PCBs (printed circuit boards). The reason for using this word is to denote some part of a ...

A guide to manual cleaning of PCB assemblies
10 October 2018, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Manual cleaning of soldering residues can be inconsistent across the industry. After rework or second-stage assembly, manual cleaning is difficult to guarantee that all residues have been removed and ...

Electronic component shortages – a South African perspective
12 September 2018, EBV Electrolink, Radio Data Communications, News

Dataweek spoke to a South African electronics manufacturer and a component distributor to find out how the local market is coping with the current worldwide component shortages.

The role of security in the new era of IoT
12 September 2018, EBV Electrolink, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Infineon Technologies and EBV will look at some of the implications of security breaches and consider how designers should approach the task of planning and implementing a secured IoT infrastructure.

LPWA technologies in South Africa – which is best?
12 September 2018, Altron Arrow, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

There are many competing LPWA technologies in this space but in South Africa they are mainly LoRa, Sigfox and now Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT).

Design choices for Bluetooth Low Energy
12 September 2018, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Implementing Bluetooth from scratch is a complex undertaking but, for most IoT applications, it is not a necessary step.

Conical Technologies and Mini Circuits invest in education
15 August 2018, News

Daniel Haywood, CEO of Conical Technologies, distributor of Mini-Circuits, said they have made this commitment because they believe it is essential to invest in education in South Africa.

How to make a pocket-sized white noise generator
15 August 2018, Altron Arrow, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Noise in electrical circuits is typically the enemy, but there are cases where a well-characterised source of noise with no other signal is entirely the desired output.

Hiconnex Industrial to make HARTING connectors for trains
15 August 2018, Harting SA, Hiconnex, Interconnection

Hiconnex Industrial specialises in supplying cable and connector solutions for the general industrial, oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and rail industries, and this latest development services ...

Wits researchers look to photonics to bridge digital divide
15 August 2018, News, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Africa has 20% of the world’s population but only 4% of its Internet data access. This digital divide, with low Internet connectivity reach, particularly in rural areas, is both economic and geographic ...

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