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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Power Electronics / Power Management

Low-ripple LDOs
14 November 2018, Conical Technologies

Traco Power announced a new addition to its THN series. The latest 5 V d.c. model additions to the THN 15/20/30WI series enable an optimal operation of any 5 Vout low drop-out linear (LDO) regulator. ...

Current transformers join the RS Pro range
14 November 2018, RS Components (SA)

RS Components has announced availability of a range of RS Pro current transformers, which includes more than 100 devices available with highly competitive pricing. These new parts target a very wide ...

Power monitoring IC
14 November 2018, Altron Arrow

Allegro MicroSystems has released a fully integrated, small form factor power monitoring IC with reinforced voltage isolation. The ACS724 and ACS711 current sensor ICs are commonly used in Internet-connected ...

Jostling for position in the EV charging arena
14 November 2018, TRX Electronics

There are several different forces now at work when it comes to the charging of electric vehicles (EVs). Governments across the western world are pushing the transition from petrol and diesel engines ...

Solid state power amplifier
14 November 2018, RFiber Solutions

Exodus Advanced Communications introduced the AMP2131P, a 500 – 1 000 MHz, 10 kW pulse, 70 dB, 208 V a.c. system. This Class AB linear, solid state, high-power amplifier features instantaneous wideband ...

Half-bridge evaluation board for IGBTs
14 November 2018, Altron Arrow

Infineon Technologies’ EVAL-IGBT-1200V-TO247PLUS evaluation board has been developed to be a simple but accurate universal test platform for 1200 V IGBTs in all TO-247 package variants, i.e., standard ...

Multiple-output PMICs
14 November 2018, CST Electronics

Designers of small, battery-powered electronics can enhance the user experience by extending battery life and further shrinking device size with six new low-power power-management integrated circuits ...

15 Watt DC/DC converter
14 November 2018, Conical Technologies

Traco Power announced the release of its new THN 15 Watt family of DC to DC converters, which come in an encapsulated, shielded 2,5 x 2,5 x 1 cm metal package. The new and improved design allows full ...

Digital PFC and LLC resonant controller
14 November 2018, NuVision Electronics

Monolithic Power Systems’ HR1200 is a high-performance controller that integrates an advanced digital PFC (power factor correction) controller and a half-bridge LLC resonant controller. It requires fairly ...

1 W DC/DC converters with dual outputs
14 November 2018, Brabek

Recom has extended its portfolio with the R1DX series to cover dual output voltage applications. The R1DX series is ideal for EIA/TIA-232 bus isolation and a wide range of industrial automation control ...

Low-noise LDO regulator
14 November 2018, EBV Electrolink

The STMicroelectronics LDO40L 400 mA low-dropout linear regulator delivers quiet and efficient power for always-on automotive modules and noise-sensitive loads. With 45 μA quiescent current, the AEC-Q100 ...

DC-DC converter with integrated H-bridge
10 October 2018, Altron Arrow

Diodes Incorporated’s new AP72200 is a high-current synchronous buck/boost DC-DC converter with integrated high-side and low-side H-bridge MOSFETs. It delivers up to 97% efficiency with 1% voltage regulation ...

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