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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

Circuit & System Protection

Compact fan for extreme conditions
27 March 2019, Ebmpapst South Africa

A new addition has been made to the 420J product range from ebm-papst. The tube-axial fans withstand temperatures down to -40°C and are now also available for 48 V d.c. voltage input, IP68 degree of ...

High-current SMD fuses
27 March 2019, Electrocomp

Bourns introduced two new families of high-current and ultra high-current SinglFuse SMD fuses. The new Model SF-2923HC-C and Model SF-2923UC-C fuse families utilise a robust ceramic cube housing with ...

ESD ‘protectifiers’
27 February 2019, Hi-Q Electronics

With the SE1J, Diotec has added an ESD protected diode to its portfolio of standard SMD rectifiers – a new member of the Protectifiers family. In today’s consumer and automotive electronics, the role ...

Single-phase EMI filters
30 January 2019, Vepac Electronics

XP Power has introduced a range of chassis-mount and IEC-inlet EMI filters that satisfy the requirement for equipment to conform to the latest EMC emissions and immunity standards. The filters are suitable ...

Temperature indicators protect USB Type-C plugs
30 January 2019, TRX Electronics

Mouser Electronics announced it is the first distributor to stock setP temperature indicators from Littelfuse. Designed for the expanding USB Type-C market, setP surface-mount temperature indicators help ...

250 V EMC filters
30 January 2019, Vepac Electronics

TDK announced the introduction of the TDK-Lambda RSEV series of EMC filters, with a voltage of 240 V a.c./d.c. and a choice of 6, 10, 16, 20 and 30 A currents ratings. The RSEV has an integrated touch-resistant ...

TVS diodes for all protection levels
30 January 2019, Würth Elektronik eiSos

Würth Elektronik eiSos has expanded its portfolio of TVS (transient voltage suppression) diodes. The diodes are characterised by their short response time and an extremely low terminal voltage, and feature ...

EMI shielding solutions
30 January 2019, Actum Electronics

Laird Technologies supplies a range of EMI protection, shielding and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) products for suppressing interference and meeting immunity requirements; isolating offending circuits ...

Antistatic tester
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Altico Static Control Solutions

The SmartLog Pro is a static testing unit that verifies the functionality of an operator’s wrist strap and footwear, logs the test results, and controls access to an ESD protected area. It can generate ...

ESD grounding wristbands
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Altico Static Control Solutions

Altico Static Control Solutions offers slimline ergo wristbands for the effective grounding of staff who handle ESD-sensitive components. The wrist straps are made from jewellery-grade, expandable stainless ...

Storage boxes for ESD-sensitive components
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Altico Static Control Solutions

Cortronic storage containers are ideal for safe transportation of ESD-sensitive components. A soft, dissipative foam lining provides safe padding and removes static. These containers are made from cardboard ...

Antistatic cleaning materials
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Altico Static Control Solutions

Static is an ever-present danger looming all around us. This means that even the detergents we use to clean ESD floors and equipment need to be antistatic. For more than 40 years, ACL Staticide has delivered ...

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