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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

Circuit & System Protection

High-power electronic fuse
14 November 2018, Altron Arrow

Sustaining up to 4 A continuous current over a wide operating input voltage range of 8 V to 48 V, with low insertion loss thanks to its integrated low-RDS(ON) VIPower MOSFET, the STEF01 programmable electronic ...

Temperature indicators protect USB Type-C plugs
14 November 2018, TRX Electronics

Mouser Electronics announced it is the first distributor to stock setP temperature indicators from Littelfuse. Designed for the expanding USB Type-C market, setP surface mount temperature indicators help ...

250 V EMC filters
14 November 2018, Vepac Electronics

TDK announced the introduction of the TDK-Lambda RSEV series of EMC filters, with a voltage of 250 V a.c./d.c. and a choice of 6, 10, 16, 20 and 30 A currents ratings. The RSEV has an integrated touch-resistant ...

High-speed data line protectors
14 November 2018, Electrocomp

Bourns announced the release of the bidirectional, dual-channel Model TBU-DF series TBU high-speed protectors (HSPs) for use in data line protection applications. The devices are precise and fast-switching ...

Protective fuses for telecoms products
14 November 2018, Electrocomp

Bourns has added a new family of Telefuse telecom protectors to the SinglFuse SMD fuse product line. The new SF-3812TM-T model family will serve as a replacement for the discontinued Telefuse part numbers ...

High-power TVS diode
14 November 2018, Electrocomp

Bourns announced the release of a 1 kA, 380 V bidirectional high-current power TVS diode, extending the existing range of the PTVS series. The Model PTVS1-380C-TH was designed for use in AC bus clamping ...

TVS diodes for all protection levels
14 November 2018, Würth Elektronik eiSos

Wüth Elektronik eiSos has expanded its portfolio of TVS (transient voltage suppression) diodes. The diodes are characterised by their short response time and an extremely low terminal voltage, and feature ...

High-power TVS diode
14 November 2018, Electrocomp

Bourns announced the release of a 10 kA, 86 V bidirectional high-current power TVS diode, extending the existing range of its PTVS series. This model was designed for use in DC bus clamping applications. The ...

Low-profile SMT gas discharge tubes
14 November 2018, Electrocomp

The Model 2011 series of gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arrestors from Bourns implements the company’s ‘FLAT’ technology to achieve a flat-package 2-electrode design and deliver a low- profile solution ...

Auto-tuning EMI filter
14 November 2018, RFiber Solutions

A beneficial alternative to limiters and filters, Metamagnetics’ auto-tune filter provides a broadband, fast-response, simple solution that protects receivers from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ...

GDT lightning arrestor
10 October 2018, Conical Technologies

Nextek announced the release of a new gas discharge tube (GDT)-type lightning arrestor with N-type male to N-type female panel mount connector. The PTCONFSAF09E is fitted with a replaceable protective ...

Electromagnetic interference and compatibility
12 September 2018, Electronic Industry Supplies

By definition, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the ability of a system, a piece of equipment, or some other electrical device that utilises electromagnetic energy, to operate in its intended ...

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