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18 May 2005 Power Electronics / Power Management

Ultralife Batteries offers a range of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries for all applications.

* 9 volt lithium-manganese dioxide batteries: a consumer-replaceable, high energy density battery that lasts up to five times longer than ordinary alkaline 9-volt batteries and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc batteries in many applications.

Ultralife's lithium chemistry provides a flat discharge profile over a wide operating temperature range, and 10-year shelf life for the aluminium-jacketed U9VL-J battery. The Ultralife 9-volt is UL-recognised, has a patented safety mechanism and is environmentally friendly.

The Ultralife Thin Cell lithium batteries version are wafer-thin, with a unique combination of high-energy density, long life, wide operating temperature range and light weight.

The Ultralife HiRate cylindrical lithium batteries provide ultra-high rates of discharge, in extreme temperatures, without voltage delay at start-up even after long periods of storage. Significantly safer than comparable high-rate systems, Ultralife HiRate batteries have a 10-year shelf life and are environmentally friendly.

* Batteries for military applications: Ultralife advanced-technology Li/MnO2 military batteries have higher volumetric energy density than lithium sulphur dioxide batteries - in some cases two times more energy. Ultralife Li/MnO2 batteries are also non-pressurised and non-toxic, making them safer and more environmentally friendly.

The Ultralife Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries combine high-energy chemistry with state-of-the art technology to produce a lightweight battery with a wide operating temperature range with no memory effect.

* Ultralife polymer rechargeable batteries: Polymer Rechargeable Batteries combine high-energy chemistry with state-of-the-art polymer technology to produce a rechargeable battery system that is lightweight, has a wide operating temperature range, and no memory effect. A wide variety of different battery outlines (Lx W) in a range of thicknesses meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Lithium ION Rechargeable is also available.

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