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Reliable wireless connectivity solutions for virtually any application
21 September 2005, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Sony Ericsson understands that two factors hold the key to widespread adoption of machine to machine (M2M) applications: cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment.

M2M solutions

Sony Ericsson has developed a range of off-the-shelf and semi-customised products for manufacturers and distributors of wireless communications terminals, network operators and system integrators. Designed from the ground up and enabled for GSM/GPRS-EDGE and CDMA/1xRTT, they are suited to a wide array of applications, from fleet management and industrial automation to vending machines and healthcare.

These robust and scalable wireless M2M communications solutions use distributed or peer architecture built on widespread networks and standardised technology. They are ideal for aggregation-focused companies that offer a one-stop shop for integrators requiring network activation, carrier certification, partner networking, and hardware, says the manufacturer.

Sony Ericsson is now also focusing on developing toolkits with open standards, allowing remote device data collection to be streamlined and processed more effectively and affordably. Developers are now able to obtain the standard components needed to build applications, plus the engineering and industry expertise to customise products to specific M2M application markets. This shortens time-to-market for integrator solution development.

More and more potential end-users are beginning to understand how remote, realtime monitoring solutions can benefit them, says Sony Ericsson. The combination of awareness and availability will drive market adoption and promote additional M2M focus at the carrier level.

Wireless connectivity solutions

With the potential for wireless connectivity being virtually infinite, Sony Ericsson developed a product range to suit every business - commercial and industrial application - from mobile computing through automotive systems to machine-to-machine applications.

Sony Ericsson adds that all its products and solutions have been designed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of customers working with wireless connectivity solutions, and provide rapid and cost-efficient access to worldwide communications capabilities, including GSM/GPRS-EDGE, and CDMA/1xRTT.

Products: dual-band radio devices, terminals and modules (GSM and GPRS); dual-band dual/triple-mode rugged modules (GSM and CDMA); dual-band/triple band PC cards (GSM and GPRS, and EDGE).

Salient features: robust design; long product life cycle; compliant to established standards; migration concepts for successor products; type approved; comprehensive support; on-board TCP/IP available across radio devices and terminals.

Information on the Sony Ericsson range of M2M and wireless connectivity solutions can be found at

For more information contact Gyula Wendler, Arrow Altech Distribution, +27 (0)11 923 9600,

Supplied By: Altron Arrow
Tel: +27 11 923 9600
Fax: +27 11 923 9884
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