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Voltage monitoring ICs added to supervisor family
8 March 2006, Power Electronics / Power Management

STMicroelectronics recently extended its family of Supervisor and Reset ICs with the introduction of the STM1061 series of low-power precision voltage detectors. The SOT23-packaged series - which complements ST's STM18xx and STM809-812 Reset ICs - features a choice of 40 different laser-trimmed voltage thresholds, and is a drop-in replacement for Torex XC61C series parts.

The STM1061 devices are suited for a broad range of voltage monitoring situations, including 1-bit A/D conversion, voltage limit monitoring and microprocessor supervision. For example, rather than using an A/D converter to determine whether a signal is above or below a certain fixed level, a much lower cost voltage detector can be used instead. Two devices can be used together for windowing, to determine if a signal is between two limits.

Of the 40 voltage threshold options, 10 are standard stocking items: 3,4, 3,1, 2,9 2,8, 2,7, 2,6, 2,3, 2,2, 1,7 V and 1,6 V (nominal). These 10 standard versions are available now in production quantities. The full range offers thresholds in 0,1 V increments from 1,6 V to 5,5 V, and the non-stock voltage options will be produced on request.

Target applications include any system where signal levels need to be monitored, and especially in cost-sensitive markets: consumer and white goods, Bluetooth and wireless headsets, optical mice and set-top boxes, as well as in medical, instrumentation and security systems.

The STM1061 offers low power consumption at only 900 nA (typical). Some users will also use the STM1061 as an MCU Reset IC. While it does not include Reset timing delays, an external capacitor on the open drain output can perform the same function when timing and rise time are not critical. The voltage detectors include hysteresis to guard against oscillation. And because they are open drain, several devices can be wire-ORed together to form part of a multi-voltage microprocessor supervisor.

The STM1061 series operates over -40 to 85°C, and is supplied in lead-free SOT23-3L packages.

For more information contact Simon Churches, Arrow Altech Distribution, +27 (0)11 923 9600,

Supplied By: Altron Arrow
Tel: +27 11 923 9600
Fax: +27 11 923 9884
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