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Cat cabling system
8 June 2011, Interconnection

Legrand’s new LCS² Cat cabling system offers easy installation and flexibility in various commercial and industrial environments, from technical rooms to workstations. It integrates fully with other Legrand systems, including DLP trunking, cabling accessories and cable management. The system encompasses Cat 6A, Cat 6 and Cat 5e.

The LCS² Copper range, which encompasses connectors, patch panels and patch cords and connectors, consists of a complete system up to 10 Gbps. Arteor RJ45 sockets Cat 6 are available in white and magnesium UTP, FTP and shielded STP modules. Cable guides and clamps facilitate simple clipping and unclipping of each connector from the front panel. These panels can also be fitted with a telephone block, a video broadcast block or a fibre-optic cassette.

Patch cords and cables ensure total coherence of LCS² Cat 6A, Cat 6 and Cat 5e systems. Legrand offers a range of four twisted pair cables in four types – U/UTP, F/UTP, S/FTP and SF/UTP. Features include thick insulation to reduce the effects of crosstalk and a reduction of the twist pitch of the pairs. Cables are available in two versions – LSZH and PVC – with sheaths suitable for different environments

The LCS² fibre-optic option consists of fibre-optic drawers and connecting fibres. Up to four fibre-optic blocks can be fitted in the drawer, which is equipped with grip handles. Integrated coiling accessories also ease cable management.

The LCS² system also includes enclosures and cabinets for easy installation and efficient maintenance. These enclosures, with removable side and rear panels, can be fully dismantled in the case of difficult access. Server enclosures are also designed for complete accessibility via the doors and panels. Wall-mounting cabinets can be fitted anywhere where aesthetic quality is important.

Zone distribution boxes, installed on false ceilings or false floors, offer flexibility as well as quick and reliable connection. Copper and fibre can be placed side by side in the same box and connections close to the workstation are centralised. Two blocks of six connectors can be fitted to connect up to 12 RJ45 sockets.

Installation supports for cable management systems for all work space configurations include mini columns, columns, Cablofil, snap-on trunking, floor boxes, desktop multi-outlet extensions, as well as meeting room and office modules. This system allows distribution of VDI cables and power cables from the point of entry to the workstation.

Additional products for the system include modular panels that ensure automatic earthing of each connector, double units for fast, tool-free connection, video streaming connectors for video circuits, fibre-optic units that clip directly onto the enclosure, blanking plates, Ethernet switches, copper/fibre-optic converter units and power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors for supplying a Wi-Fi access point.

For more information contact Legrand, +27 (0)11 444 7971,,

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