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Cable floor system
21 March 2012, Interconnection

Legrand has extended its cable management system to include the new flexible Soluflex cable floor system, designed especially for the work environment. The efficient floor, cabling and connection technology system is ideal for renovations in old premises that require additional electrical infrastructure and also meets the needs of new low-voltage equipment and data network installations in modern buildings.

Advantages of this 100% recyclable ‘green building design’ system over conventional traditional raised access floors include easy cable laying and easy accessibility to cables, use of the whole floor surface – each Soluflex pathway is a containment system – and there is no need for trunking, which means substantial cost savings. Office configurations are also quick to plan and install.

The weight of this system is 20 kg/m², where a traditional access floor system is between 30 and 40 kg/m². The 3000 kg/m² load capacity of Soluflex is also higher than the capacity of the average traditional system used in an office environment.

Planning during the design phase of the installation can be done with no limitations of work places, partition walls and office layouts. The flexibility of this system means that changes and adjustments can be made at a very late stage of the installation and modifications can be done at any time afterwards, with no impact on the building structure.

The system allows electrical components under the floor to be easily adapted with the installation of new cables during office hours, while normal work continues. There is no need for power cuts or data network disconnections.

This floor system is available in four heights – 37 mm, 60 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm. Power cables, data and telecommunications are conveniently organised in order, but completely out of sight. The diagonal structure means that cables are perfectly parallel so data cables can be crossed at the required angle of 90°. Round supports prevent cable damage.

This system also provides increased daylight opportunities, reducing energy consumption. Another important feature in the work environment is improved acoustics and sound insulation (48–60 dB) – there is no hollow sound production.

Components, which are manufactured from recycled materials, can be re-used because of the loose installation method. Soluflex is also designed for fire resistance – the low plenum height means that the cable floor system is self-extinguishing.

This system facilitates a wide choice of floor coverings, including carpets, rubber and PVC, as well as wooden coverings and stone tiles. Soluflex floor tiles are made from pre-galvanised steel and recycled polypropylene is used in the manufacture of the loose, free-standing supports.

The large space for cabling offered by this floor system enables a server room to be arranged in an organised and efficient manner, with no tangled cables on walls or ceilings. This system is also ideal for use with glass façades, allowing desks to stand away from glass walls and providing access for easy window cleaning.

Installation of Soluflex does not require skilled labour. No drilling is necessary and there is no need to level the floor.

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