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Self-resetting TVS devices feature negligible capacitance and offer accurate protection
12 September 2001, Circuit & System Protection

Designed to handle surge currents as high as 3000 A, Teccor Electronics has introduced its complete line of TVS components. Designated the SIDACtor Series these TVS suppressors utilise patented ion implant technology to provide complete surge protection within nanoseconds.

Transparent to the circuits they protect in standby mode, SIDACtor components exhibit a high off-state impedance, eliminating excessive leakage currents. Once triggered by voltages in excess of the switching voltage, the SIDACtor component simulates a short circuit condition until the current falls below the SIDACtor component's holding current. Once completed the SIDACtor device resets and returns to its high off-state impedance.

"Unlike most other surge suppression devices, SIDACtor devices offer absolute surge protection regardless of the surge current present and the rate of applied voltage," explained Phillip Havens, Teccor Product Manager. "In addition, the device cannot be damaged by voltage, it eliminates hysteresis and reduces the heat dissipation usually present in a clamping device."

Typically placed behind a slow blow fuse or other current limiting device, the SIDACtor devices eliminate voltage overshoot caused by fast rising transients. The series is rated with VDRM ranging from 6 to 320 V. The surge rating ranges from 50 A for a 10 x 560 ms event to 500 A for a 2 x 10 ms event. Peak operating temperatures for the SIDACtor components range from -40 to 150°C.

Common applications for Teccor's SIDACtor components include central office line cards, T-1/E-1, ISDN and xDSL transmission equipment, customer premises equipment (such as phones, modems and caller ID adjunct boxes), PBXs, KSUs and other switches. In addition, the components offer primary protection including main distribution frames, five-pin modules, building entrance equipment and station protection modules, data lines and security systems, CATV line amplifiers and power inserters and sprinkler systems.

SIDACtor components are available in the following packages: DO-214; TO-92; TO-220, Type 61; TO-220, two-chip; TO-220, balanced three-chip.

The SIDACtor Series provides approved solutions for Telcordia GR 1089, FCC Part 68, ITU-T K.21/K.20 and UL 1950 regulatory requirements.

For further information contact World Spectrum Sales, (011) 887 9111,

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